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Here at Health Edco, we are constantly creating new, innovative health education materials to help you reach your audience with your important health messages. At the same time, we are continuously reviewing and updating our classic health education products that you have come to know and trust. Whether you are looking for a unique, 3-D model or an attention-grabbing display on an essential health topic, Health Edco has you covered!

Click on the links below to learn more about our featured new and updated health education products and materials that bring health education to life! Check back often to see what’s new at Health Edco.

It's Here! Health Edco’s New My SmartBaby™ Infant Simulator!

My SmartBaby is the ultimate infant simulator to promote teen pregnancy prevention and teach the essentials of infant care while giving instructors the convenience and flexibility of managing the entire experience with a mobile app. Learn more about our amazing My SmartBaby Infant Simulator, and contact Customer Service for quantity pricing!

Our Updated Substance Abuse Identification Kit

We’ve updated our popular drug education display with additional information and more realistic 3-D models of common drugs and methods of use. For example, the expanded marijuana section includes models of marijuana concentrates (oil and shatter), edibles, and THC e-liquid, while the section on opioids includes discussion about the dangers of fentanyl added to many fake prescription opioid pills and other drugs.

Our Updated Eating Disorders Folding Display

With an attention-grabbing new look, our updated Eating Disorders Folding Display highlights the fact that eating disorders are serious mental health and medical conditions that can have life-threatening consequences. Addressing the role that social media may contribute to the development of eating disorders, this informative display emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

Our New Fake Pills: Fentanyl Kills™ 3-D Display

Raise awareness of the deadly deception of fake prescription pills with our new drug education 3-D display! The display features realistic prescription pill facsimiles sealed behind plexiglass to warn viewers that fake prescription pills can look exactly like real prescription pills but may contain lethal doses of fentanyl. Discover this attention-grabbing teaching tool for drug education.

Our New Fetus Model Set, Brown (4)

Featuring soft, lifelike fetal models in brown skin tone at 12, 16, 22, and 30 weeks of pregnancy, this set of four fetus models is perfect for teaching about fetal development and the importance of prenatal care and nutrition. The set comes with a convenient carrying case, making it ideal for traveling health education. Discover this essential childbirth education set!

Our New BSE Mini Pocket Guide

Hand out breast self-awareness information with this informative, wallet-size breast self-exam (BSE) mini pocket guide! Great for women’s health education events or for raising breast cancer awareness, the guide includes instructions on how to perform breast self-exam as well as potential warning signs of breast cancer.

Our New Health Edco Faux Food Tote

Sturdy and durable, this red insulated non-woven polypropylene bag with zipper closure and thermal foil interior is a great way to carry all of your Health Edco faux food models. It can accommodate even our largest package of 57 faux food models. Plus, many of our faux food packages now come with this convenient carrying bag. Learn more about this great tote for health education on the go!

Our New Throw & Know™ Activity Ball Sets

By the sets and save! Now you can save by buying our Throw & Know Activity Balls in a set. Our new sets include the Throw & Know Activity Ball Set (7), which features all seven of our Throw & Know Activity Balls, the Substance Abuse Throw & Know Activity Ball Set (2), which features two balls that cover drugs and alcohol and tobacco and e-cigarettes, and the Puberty Throw & Know Activity Ball Set (2), which includes two balls covering pubery for boys and puberty for girls.

Our Updated Your New Body: Boys and Your New Body: Girls Folding Displays

We’ve updated our classic Your New Body: Boys Folding Display and Your New Body: Girls Folding Display to give each folding display a fresh, modern look and to cover the physical changes of puberty and the issues that impact today’s young people the most. The updated folding displays discuss changes to the body, the importance of internet and social media safety, making wise choices (including avoiding risky substances, such as alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, including e-cigarettes), getting along with parents and adults, and much more. Check out these wonderful and sensitively written puberty education resources!

Our New Deadly Obstruction™ Artery Model

Provide an up-close, hands-on look at how artery damage from high cholesterol and plaque buildup can lead to the potentially deadly obstruction of an artery, resulting in a heart attack or stroke. This enlarged artery model comes with a two-sided tent card that explains the basics of atherosclerosis. Learn more about this great new heart-health resource!

Our New Social & Emotional Health Throw & Know™ Activity Ball

Help children in grades 2 through through 8 (ages 7 through 13) explore their feelings, emotions, and values with this large, inflatable activity ball. The ball is filled with 48 open-ended questions dealing with emotional health, online safety, bullying, social relationships, and more. Discover this intriguing and engaging teaching tool!

Our New Nutrition Throw & Know™ Activity Ball

Catch the facts about nutrition with this large, inflatable activity ball! Designed for players grade 7 through adult (ages 12 and up) the ball features 60 questions covering a wide variety of nutrition information, from essential nutrients to food groups, calories, and much more. Explore this fun and intriguing nutrition education resource!

Our New Kids Nutrition Throw & Know™ Activity Ball

Teach young people about the essentials of good nutrition with a fun activity ball created just for them! Designed for young players ages 6 through 11, the ball is filled with 48 multiple-choice, true/false, and open-ended questions to help them understand important nutrition concepts. Learn more about this fun new nutrition education activity!

Our New Marijuana Jar of Tar™ Display

Dispel the myth that smoking marijuana is “no big deal” when it comes to lung health. This attention-grabbing jar features facsimiles of three joints, a blunt, and a cigarillo blunt floating in simulated tar to alert viewers that marijuana smoke contains tar, just like tobacco smoke. An educational label explains that one joint actually has four times as much tar as one cigarette. Learn more about this great drug education display!

Back by Popular Demand: Our Womb to Grow™ Model Set!

Beloved by childbirth educators for its non-threatening way to depict fetal development, this classic model set features nine pillowlike models that represent the fetus at nine stages of development. Ideal for use with teen moms and adult couples, the versatile set offers a variety of teaching applications. Discover this great childbirth education resource!

Our New Smoker’s Hand: The Death Grip of Nicotine™ Model

Smoking damages the entire body, including the hands! This utterly realistic, BIOLIKE™ hand model depicts four unsettling ways that smoking affects the hands, from nicotine-stained fingers and nails to age spots, clubbed fingers, and more. Check out this unique, engaging teaching tool to deter smoking!

Our New E-Cigarettes and Vaping Tear Pad

Our engaging, new, two-sided tear pad tackles seven common myths about e-cigarettes and vaping, explaining that e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to smoking. The tear pad works great on its own or as a companion to our The Facts About E-Cigarettes & Vaping Folding Display or E-Cigarettes & Vaping: A Closer Look 3-D Display. Find out more about this informative, take-home resource!

Our Updated The Effects of Secondhand Smoke Tear Pad

With a totally new look, our updated The Effects of Secondhand Smoke Tear Pad highlights the dangers secondhand smoke poses to both nonsmoking adults and children. Revealing some of the many hazardous chemicals in tobacco smoke, the tear pad offers tips to help protect others from secondhand smoke and also addresses the harmful chemicals in e-cigarette vapor. Discover this great take-home, tobacco education handout!

Our New Smokeless Tobacco Consequences 3-D Display

A retrofit of our classic Consequences of Smokeless Tobacco 3-D Display, our new Smokeless Tobacco Consequences 3-D Display features attention-grabbing artwork and new, realistically painted models highlighting that “spit” tobacco is not safe tobacco. Discover this important new tobacco teaching tool!

She’s Back! Childbirth Graphics’ Popular Lactessa™ Breastfeeding Model

You talked, and we listened! Our beloved breastfeeding education model from Childbirth Graphics is back and ready for lactation education. With her open mouth, cupped tongue, hard palate, and weighted body, Lactessa is perfect to demonstrate suck training, breastfeeding positions, finger feeding, and so much more. Check out this versatile breastfeeding teaching tool!

Our Updated Taking Care of Your Teeth Folding Display

A perfect way to teach young people about dental health, the updated version of our Taking Care of Your Teeth Folding Display has an exciting new look! Kids will love seeing other kids just like them brushing and flossing as they discover why oral health is important. Check out this fun oral and dental health teaching tool!

Our New Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Throw & Know™ Activity Ball

The facts about tobacco and e-cigarettes are really catching on with this fun, educational, inflatable ball! Designed for grades 7 through adult, the colorful ball features 60 questions about smoking, smokeless tobacco, vaping, and nicotine addiction. Players simply toss the ball to one another and answer the question closest to their right thumb. The ball comes with a detailed activity guide and answer key. Learn more about this fun teaching tool that’s great for health classes and tobacco education and awareness!

Our New Boys and Girls Puberty Throw & Know™ Activity Balls

Take the awkwardness out of puberty education for young people ages 8 through 14 with these engaging, inflatable activity balls! Available in an activity ball for girls and an activity ball for boys, each colorful ball is covered with 48 questions to help boys and girls understand what changes they can expect as they go through puberty. Players simply toss the ball to each other and answer the question closest to their right thumb. Balls come with a detailed activity guide and answer key. A great ice-breaking activity, the balls are ideal for health classrooms and after-school programs. Discover more about these fun teaching resources!

Our New Marijuana / Cannabis: A Closer Look 3-D Display

Take a closer look at marijuana, its effects, and how it’s used with this attention-grabbing, 3-D display. Using realistic, sculpted models enclosed behind Plexiglas, the display puts marijuana in a new dimension, showing how marijuana is smoked, vaped, and consumed with edibles and THC tinctures. The display is perfect to educate parents about newer forms of marijuana use while teaching audiences of all ages that marijuana is not a risk-free drug. Learn more about this great new drug education display!

Our New Power Down Energy Drinks Display

A real eye-opener, this attention-grabbing display awakens consumers to the harsh realities of excessive energy drink consumption. Featuring five models of faux energy drinks with drink titles such as Burnout, Crash, and Fizzled, the display highlights the negative consequences of energy drink overconsumption, such as headaches, weight gain, heart problems, and more. Take a look at this one-of-a-kind health education resource!

Our New Junk Food Model Set Display

Reveal the facts about junk food and how it can affect health with this engaging educational display. The display combines 10 enticingly realistic faux food models of popular junk foods with an informative, two-panel tabletop display that highlights the negative health effects of diets high in junk food. Also included are food cards providing nutrition information for each food model. Discover this fun new nutrition education resource!

Our New Deluxe Uncircumcised Condom Training Model in Beige and Brown Skin Tones

Available in beige and brown skin tones, our new Deluxe Uncircumcised Condom Training Model is perfect for demonstrating the importance of proper condom use for the prevention of STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Learn more about this ideal resource for sex education classes.

Our New Roll & Go™ Fitness Dice Activity

Get young people and adults moving with this fun pair of fitness dice! Each 12-sided die features a variety of exercises—such as planks, lunges, sit-ups, box jumps, squats, jumping rope, and more—as well as number of repetitions. The included activity guide with questions for grades 1–5 and grade 6–adult details several engaging activities, and everything fits in a convenient carrying pouch with drawstring closure. Learn more about this entertaining new teaching tool here!

Our New Health Edco ® Calorie Wheel

A great handout, this new, two-sided wheel provides the calorie, fat, and fiber content of a variety of common foods as well as the approximate amount of time it would take to burn each food’s calories by walking, bicycling, swimming, or jumping rope. The wheel also features additional information to help maintain a healthy weight. Learn more about this colorful nutrition and physical education teaching resource!

Our New Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know™ Activity With Question Ball

Designed for grade 7 through adult, this fun, colorful activity ball features 60 questions about a full range substances of abuse, from marijuana and stimulants, to opioids, alcohol, e-cigarettes, and much more. Players simply toss the ball and answer the question closest to their right thumb. The ball comes with a detailed activity guide and is ideal for classrooms, after-school events, and drug education and awareness. Discover this great teaching resource!

Our New STDs Consequences 3-D Display

We’ve created a brand-new version of our classic The Consequences of STDs 3-D Display and given it an even more attention-grabbing new look! Updated text and high-quality, painted models cover a variety of consequences that can result from sexually transmitted diseases and infections, including pelvic inflammatory disease (chlamydia and gonorrhea), cervical cancer and genital warts (HPV), and much more.

Our Updated Learn the Importance of Mammography Display

Great for breast cancer awareness, the updated version of this classic 3-D displays features a colorful new look and emphasizes the importance of women notifying their healthcare professional about any changes they notice in the normal look and feel of their breasts.

Our Updated Stealthy and Unhealthy™ Sodium Display

With a fresh, new look, our updated nutrition education display highlights how seemingly healthy foods may be high in sodium and the importance of choosing nutrient-dense foods with less sodium. Learn more about this engaging resource, which features a giant soup can, a massive saltshaker representing the average yearly sodium intake, a healthy artery model, and a diseased artery model with damaging plaque buildup.

Our Updated Substance Abuse ID Guide Booklet

Our popular drug education handout has been updated with a new look and the latest information about common drugs of abuse. The 16-page booklet covers a wide range of substances—from marijuana to opioids, stimulants, depressants, and more—including information about marijuana concentrates and how young people can get hooked on the nicotine in e-cigarettes, possibly leading to addictions to cigarettes and other drugs. Learn more about this great take-home resource!

Our New Ostomy Care Model, Brown

Our best-selling ostomy care model is now available in brown skin tone! Perfect for teaching how to clean, medicate, and care for ostomy sites, the model features four stomas, including one that can be used to fit a pouch. Discover more about this great procedure training model!

Our Updated Drug Awareness Guide Chart

This comprehensive drug education guide features additional and updated information about eight categories of abused substances, from opioids and marijuana (cannabis) to depressants, inhalants, stimulants, and more. Updated information includes synthetic drugs in several categories, such as carfentanil and fentanyl (opioids), bath salts (stimulants), synthetic DMT (hallucinogens), and the synthetic cannabinoids K2 and Spice (marijuana/cannabis). The guide also covers marijuana concentrates and e-cigarettes. Learn more about this powerful drug education resource!

Our New Zinc Miracle Mask™ Cloth Face Masks, Gaiters, and More

Health Edco is now offering premium cloth face coverings made of ultra-soft, durable, zinc-infused fabric! Our masks and gaiters are antimicrobial and antibacterial, keeping them free from unpleasant odors. The same comfortable fabric used in our masks is also available for a restful night’s sleep with our Zinc Miracle Pillowcase™. Learn more about our Zinc Miracle product line!

Our New Secondhand Smoke Consequences 3-D Display

Our new Secondhand Smoke Consequences 3-D Display is a fresh take on our former, popular The Consequences of Secondhand Smoke 3-D Display. With stunning background art highlighting the haze of toxins in tobacco smoke, our new display uses eight dramatic models that clearly show that smoking poses devastating risks to nonsmokers as well as smokers. Check out this powerful new resource!

Our New Inactive Lifestyle Consequences 3-D Display

With background art evoking a lifestyle of channel surfing and other sedentary activities, our new 3-D display reveals that an inactive lifestyle can result in serious health problems, ranging from certain forms of cancer to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and more. Painted organ models and clear, simple text explain the connection between inactivity and the development of multiple health conditions. Discover this new display to empower viewers to be more physically active!

Our New Swab Test Training Model

Our new Swab Test Training Model provides realistic training in nasopharyngeal swab testing—which is used for the diagnosis of COVID-19, the flu, and other respiratory infections—at an affordable price. The model also features a fleshlike tongue that can be depressed with a standard tongue depressor, making it ideal to demonstrate strep testing. Discover more about this must-have training resource!

Our New E-Cigarettes & Vaping: A Closer Look 3-D Display

Our attention-grabbing, new E-Cigarettes & Vaping: A Closer Look 3-D Display features 3-D models of a variety of vaping devices and e-liquids behind Plexiglas along with informative, easy-to-read text that explains each model, how e-cigarettes work, and the potential health risks of vaping. The display is the perfect resource to help deter teen vaping and help parents and educators identify vaping devices. Learn more about this exciting new health education display!

Our Updated Effects & Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco Folding Display

We’ve updated the look and content of this hard-hitting folding display to drive home the dangers of smokeless tobacco use. With graphic images of oral and neck cancers, dental devastation, and black hairy tongue, our updated display sends a clear message that smoke-free tobacco is not safe. Check out this latest update to our tobacco education product line.

Our New Virus Protection Package

Our Virus Protection Package contains 10 individual kits to give away to help stop the spread of viral respiratory illnesses, such as the flu or COVID-19. Each individual kit includes a forehead thermometer, face mask, and four sanitizer gel packets, and the package comes with our Remember … Wash Your Hands Mirror Cling. Learn more about this useful resource!

Our Updated What You Should Know About STDs Folding Display

With a bold new look, our popular What You Should Know About STDs Folding Display provides the latest information about sexually transmitted diseases and infections, such as HIV/AIDs, gonorrhea, herpes, and other common STDs. Emphasizing awareness, protection, and prevention, the folding display makes a great resource for sex education classes, public health initiatives, and more. Check out this updated resource!

Our Updated Sun Safety: Ban the Burn Folding Display

Just in time for summer, we’ve updated our popular sun safety folding display with a great new look to help everyone understand why they need to play it safe in the sun. The updated display covers the effects of excessive sun exposure (including skin cancer) and sun-protective measures while emphasizing that tanning beds, tanning booths, and sunlamps are not safe. Discover more about our updated, educational folding display!

Our New Stop the Spread of Coronavirus Banner

Make a big statement about the part we must all play to stop the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Perfect for outdoor or indoor display, this large (8 feet x 4 feet), sturdy banner colorfully proclaims four essential steps we can all take, such as practicing good hygiene and maintaining social distance, to stop the spread. Learn more about this great resource to raise awareness!

Our New How to Protect Against Flu and Other Viruses Folding Display

Whether trying to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the annual flu virus, or other illness-causing viruses, this two-panel folding display is a great way to cover the precautionary essentials. With simple language and colorful graphics, the display explains the importance of regular and thorough hand washing, keeping hands off your face, maintaining social distancing, covering coughs and sneezes, and more. Discover more about this important resource to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the flu, and other contagious diseases!

Our New HIV/AIDS Consequences 3-D Display

We’ve updated and refreshed our popular Consequences of HIV/AIDS 3-D Display to create our new HIV/AIDS Consequences 3-D Display! Coming in a self-contained carrying case, the display features permanently affixed, high-quality, painted organ models that detail eight opportunistic conditions that can take advantage of an immune system severely weakened by advanced HIV infection. Learn more about this eye-opening resource, which emphasizes the importance of taking steps to prevent HIV contraction and controlling HIV if infected.

Our Updated Effects & Hazards of Substance Abuse Folding Display

Provide comprehensive drug education with our newly redesigned folding display. Covering different types of drugs of abuse (including opioids, hallucinogens, stimulants, depressants, and more), our drug education folding display also features information about marijuana extracts and designer drugs, including carfentanil, DMT, and K2/Spice. Discover more about this informative teaching tool!

Our Updated Effects & Hazards of Alcohol Folding Display

Tackling the tough issues surrounding alcohol abuse, our popular alcohol education folding display has been updated with a new look and more information about violence as a possible short-term effect of alcohol use, alcohol-related cancers, and alcohol use disorder. Learn more about this compelling, revised alcohol education resource.

Our Updated Marijuana Flip Chart

With colorful new graphics and thoroughly revised text, our classic Marijuana Flip Chart has been completely updated to reflect today’s conversation about marijuana. Highlighting the fact that marijuana is not a harmless drug, the flip chart features presentation notes on reverse panels and covers a wide range of issues related to marijuana, including marijuana extracts, synthetic cannabinoids and how they differ from marijuana, health risks associated with marijuana use, and emerging concerns about the potential dangers of vaping marijuana.

Our New High Blood Pressure Consequences 3-D Display

We’ve taken our popular Consequences of High Blood Pressure 3-D Display to the next level with our new High Blood Pressure Consequences 3-D Display! The new display features attention-grabbing graphics combined with high-quality, painted organ models that detail eight possible consequences of uncontrolled hypertension. Covering stroke, heart attack, vision impairment, and more, our new display is perfect for educating patients and students about the importance of blood pressure management.

Our Updated Drug Education Guide

We’ve updated the look and content of our best-selling, classic Drug Education Guide while maintaining its popular “brain” format! A great resource for drug education and awareness, the guide features more than 40 realistic facsimiles of a variety of drugs, including examples of opioids, stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens. From marijuana to OxyContin, heroin, Adderall, and many more, the guide provides slang terms and effects for each drug. Colorful and engaging, the guide makes a powerful visual resource to highlight the dangers of substance abuse.

Our Updated What You Should Know About HIV/AIDS Folding Display

With a fresh, new design and easy-to-read text, our updated What You Should Know About HIV/AIDS Folding Display presents the latest information about HIV. Emphasizing taking charge of HIV by taking steps to prevent infection, getting tested to know HIV status, and following treatment protocols if infected to manage HIV progression, our updated folding display is a great resource for health fairs, public health, schools, and more. Discover more about this essential educational resource!

Our New Drug Abuse Consequences 3-D Display

We’ve reinvented our best-selling customer favorite, The Consequences of Drug Abuse 3-D Display! Our new Drug Abuse Consequences 3-D Display features painted models highlighting eight of the devastating consequences of drug abuse that are permanently affixed to edgy, colorful background art with easy-to-read explanations of each consequence. Learn more about this attention-grabbing, thought-provoking drug education resource!

Our Updated What You Should Know About Binge Drinking Folding Display

With an edgy new look, we’ve completely overhauled our popular alcohol education folding display just in time for the new school year! The updated display also contains more information about potential long-term consequences of binge drinking, legal consequences of impaired driving, and increased risk of sexual assault with binge drinking. Check out our updated display!

Our Updated Drug Education Wheel of Misfortune™

One of our most popular drug education activities, our colorful Wheel of Misfortune has been updated with a new look and additional questions about tobacco and opioid drugs. The wheel includes an activity guide with one set of questions for grades 1–5 and another set of questions for grades 6–12. Find out more about this updated, best-selling resource!

Our New Mini A1C™ Diabetes Education Model Set

Fit diabetes education in your pocket with this convenient, pocket-size model set, which is perfect to explain the A1C test and its important role in diabetes management. Learn more about this interactive, portable set designed for diabetes education on the go!

Our New Anatomy of an Opioid Abuser 3-D Display

Raise awareness and provide the facts about opioid abuse with our engaging, new Anatomy of an Opioid Abuser 3-D Display. The framed display features beautifully painted organ models, bold graphics, and descriptive text to reveal the physical damage and often fatal consequences of opioid abuse.

Our New Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model

Our new Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model features enhanced durability and an ultra-realistic feel to promote breast self-awareness and teach breast self-examination. Learn more about this latest addition to our women’s health education products that raise breast cancer awareness.

Our New The Facts About E-Cigarettes & Vaping Folding Display

Tobacco use among young people is on the rise because of the popularity of e-cigarettes, but many people don’t understand the health risks of vaping. Our new folding display explains the emerging facts about e-cigarettes, including nicotine addiction and the special hazards e-cigarettes pose to young people, pregnant women and their developing babies, and nonsmokers.

Our New Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display

Take a look at our new Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display! Our new drug education folding display uses eye-catching graphics and easy-to-understand text to explain what opioids are, why they are highly addictive, and how their abuse poses a serious risk of overdose and death.

Our Updated Effects & Hazards of Marijuana Folding Display

Learn more about our updated marijuana education folding display, which features new, attention-grabbing graphics and fresh content that provide an overview of marijuana and the potential risks of marijuana use.

Our Updated HIV/AIDS Flip Chart

Medical advances have changed the outlook for HIV and AIDS, but the need to take precautions against HIV infection remains. Our updated flip chart uses eye-catching graphics and clear content to provide a detailed overview of HIV, AIDS, and how to avoid HIV infection.