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New The Facts About E-Cigarettes
& Vaping Folding Display

Because of the popularity of e-cigarettes, youth tobacco use unfortunately is on the rise again.

The Surgeon General has labeled this troubling trend of increased e-cigarette use by young people as an epidemic. In 2018, more than 20 percent of high school students and nearly 5 percent of middle school students used
e-cigarettes. E-cigarette use by young people can lead to nicotine addiction and harm areas of the brain that control attention and learning.

Attracted by sleek product designs and appealing flavors, young people and other e-cigarette users often do not understand the dangers associated with vaping. They may view e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes without understanding the consequences of nicotine addiction. Parents may not even realize that their teens are vaping because product designs—such as e-cigarettes that look like USB flash drives—are easy to conceal.

Our NEWThe Facts About E-Cigarettes & Vaping Folding Display uses attention-grabbing graphics and easy-to-read text to explain what is currently known about e-cigarettes and vaping, focusing on the risks and hazards.

New The Facts About E-Cigarettes & Vaping Folding Display

Emphasizing that vaping e-cigarettes is not a safe, risk-free alternative to smoking, the new display discusses the dangerous toxins in e-cigarette vapor, nicotine addiction, special risks to young people and pregnant women, and more. An ideal resource to explain how the nicotine in e-cigarettes harms a young person’s developing brain, the display also explains that no evidence proves the safety of e-cigarettes for long-term use.

Topics covered in our new The Facts About E-Cigarettes & Vaping Folding Display include:

  • What Are E-Cigarettes?

  • Are E-Cigarettes Safer Than Smoking?

  • What’s in E-Cigarette Vapor?

  • What Are the Risks of Nicotine in E-Cigarettes?

  • How Can E-Cigarettes Harm Young People?

  • Are E-Cigarettes Safe During Pregnancy?

  • Other Dangers of E-Cigarettes

  • Can E-Cigarettes Help Adult Cigarette Smokers Quit?

  • Getting Help

Perfect for health fairs, health classes, tobacco education events, and more, the display is ideal to help explain the dangers of e-cigarettes to adults and young people.