Health Edco Happenings:
Our Health Education Newsletter

Health Edco Happenings is our monthly newsletter that highlights a variety of topics in health education, as well as our innovative teaching resources that bring health education to life. Like our diverse product line, which covers multiple health topics—from smoking and substance abuse to nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and much more—our newsletter examines essential health issues and the tools that can help you share your important health messages.

Click on the links below to read our articles and to learn more about featured health topics and Health Edco’s unique models, 3-D displays, and other engaging health education products!

June 2024 Newsletter: Men’s Health Month: Helping Men Take Charge of Their Health

For Men’s Health Month, Health Edco’s June Newsletter offers tips and highlights health education materials and models to help men take charge of their health. Discover resources that can inspire men to lead healthier lifestyles, from quitting smoking and limiting alcohol to managing stress, getting recommended health screenings, and more.

May 2024 World No Tobacco Day: Head-to-Toe Reasons to Say “No” to Tobacco Newsletter

In recognition of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, Health Edco’s May Newsletter features tobacco education materials that cover less well-known, head-to-toe health conditions that can persuade your audience to lead a tobacco-free lifestyle. Learn more about these one-of-a-kind teaching tools—showing how tobacco use can harm your eyes down to your feet—that are perfect to spread the no-tobacco message!

April 2024 Raise Your Glass for Alcohol Education and Awareness Newsletter

In recognition of April as Alcohol Awareness Month, Health Edco’s April newsletter asks you to raise a glass—an alcohol education glass, that is! Learn more about our alcohol education materials and activities—including those with educational glasses of simulated alcohol—that are great to teach about alcohol limits and the negative consequences of alcohol abuse.

March 2024 Five Great Reasons to Love Health Edco’s Faux Food Packages

For National Nutrition Month®, Health Edco presents five great reasons to love our recently updated faux food packages. From diverse selection to the included tote and nutrition information food cards, discover why our faux food packages are the best nutrition education food model sets available!

January 2024 Great Reasons to Check in Often With Health Edco in 2024 Newsletter

It’s a new year in health education at Health Edco! In our January newsletter, discover just a few of the many reasons why it’s a great idea to check in often with us throughout 2024 for the latest in health education materials, models, and teaching tools!

December 2023 Health Education Holiday Magic With Health Edco Newsletter

At Health Edco, we bring health education to life, and, during the magical month of December, we’ve discovered that some of our teaching tools actually come to life. In our fanciful December article, check out what important health messages our Smokey Sue™ Display, Mr. Clean Mouth™, and Swab Test training Model have to say!

November 2023 World Diabetes Day: Ensuring Access to Diabetes Care Newsletter

November is National Diabetes Month. In honor of World Diabetes Day on November 14th, Health Edco highlights why access to diabetes care is essential and the many ways healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in facilitating access to diabetes care. Learn more about how healthcare professionals are making a difference, and discover some of our innovative diabetes education materials.

October 2023 Fentanyl, Fake Prescription Pills, & Our New Drug Education Display Newsletter

A deadly deception of fake prescription pills with lethal doses of fentanyl is wreaking havoc in the United States and putting lives at risk. Learn more about the dangers of fake prescription pills, and raise awareness of this deadly deception with our new drug education 3-D display.

September 2023 Processed Foods: Kids Nutrition Education With Faux Food Models Newsletter

Processed foods are receiving a lot of attention lately, but what exactly are processed foods, and do they contribute to obesity? For National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, we examine processed foods and explain why Health Edco faux food models are a fun way to teach kids and adults alike about processed foods and making healthier food choices.

August 2023 Time in Range for Diabetes Management Newsletter

Tracking “time in range” can be an important tool for proper diabetes management. Learn more about time in range for controlling diabetes and our engaging diabetes education materials and models!

July 2023 Health Education Materials to Tackle E-Cigarettes & Teen Vaping Newsletter

E-cigarettes and teen vaping continue to put the health of young people at risk by fueling teen nicotine addiction. Get ready for the new school year by discovering Health Edco’s engaging and effective health education materials to combat teen vaping and e-cigarette use.

June 2023 Social & Emotional Health Education Materials Newsletter

Our new Social and Emotional Health Throw & Know™ Activity Ball is just the latest Health Edco teaching tool designed to help young people define their values, build self-esteem, and develop positive coping skills. Learn more about our engaging social and emotional health education resources!

May 2023 A Terrible Tobacco Truth Told by Two Artery Models Newsletter

For World Tobacco Day on May 31, Health Edco highlights two of our artery models that tell a sad tale about how smoking can damage arteries and lead to a fatal heart attack. Learn more about how tobacco harms arteries and our tobacco and heart health teaching tools.

April 2023 New Nutrition Throw & Know™ Activity Balls Newsletter

Available in two versions—one for younger children and one for older children and adults—our new Nutrition Throw & Know Activity Balls are the fun way to ensure everyone gets a good grasp on essential nutrition facts! Learn more about these engaging nutrition education activity balls!

March 2023 Nutrition Education: Added Sugars, Saturated Fat, and Sodium Newsletter

Limiting added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium is key to good health. For National Nutrition Month®, Health Edco examines why limiting added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium is important and highlights just a few of our engaging nutrition education materials that help audiences understand and follow dietary guidelines for better health!

February 2023 How Oral Health Impacts Heart Health Newsletter

For American Heart Month, Health Edco looks at the connection between oral health and heart health. Learn more about how cardiovascular health is impacted by oral health and our heart health and oral health teaching tools!

January 2023 A Year’s Worth of Health Observances With Health Edco Newsletter

It’s a brand new year, filled with more opportunities to spread your important health messages. Discover Health Edco’s essential health education materials and models for 2023’s health observances!

December 2022 Health Education Materials That Speak Volumes Newsletter

At Health Edco, we bring health education to life. This December, a little holiday magic is also making our teaching materials come to life! In this month’s fanciful article, discover what important health messages five of our magically animated teaching tools (including Mr. Gross Mouth™, Sneezy Sam™, and more) have to say!

November 2022 Diabetes Care Teams Newsletter

For National Diabetes Month, Health Edco takes a closer look at some of the key healthcare professionals on a patient’s diabetes care team. Learn more about diabetes healthcare teams and our diabetes education materials and models!

October 2022 Breastfeeding & Reduced Breast Cancer Risk Newsletter

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Health Edco explores how a mother can reduce her risk for breast cancer by breastfeeding her children. Learn more about breastfeeding, reduced breast cancer risk, and our breast health and breastfeeding teaching resources!

September 2022 Healthy Eating for Childhood Obesity Prevention Newsletter

For National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Health Edco examines healthy eating habits that can help prevent childhood overweight and obesity. Learn more about children’s nutritional needs and our great nutrition teaching tools!

August 2022 Alcohol and Women’s Health Newsletter

Alcohol abuse poses special risks to women’s health. Learn more about how alcohol abuse affects women and our alcohol education materials and models that are perfect to teach about the physical and social consequences of alcohol abuse.

July 2022 Making Summer Fun and Healthy Newsletter

Summer is a time for holidays and relaxation, but an important part of the fun is taking steps to stay healthy and active so that everyone can enjoy many more summers in the years to come. Discover how to keep summer fun and healthy as well as a few of our health education resources to promote healthy habits year round!

June 2022 Health Education Teaching Tools for Men’s Health Newsletter

For Men’s Health Month, Health Edco presents just a few of our teaching tools that can be used to teach men about the health issues affecting them the most and how they can take steps to prevent them. Discover great educational resources about prostate and colorectal health, smoking cessation, alcohol awareness, and more that are perfect to help men take charge of their health!

May 2022 Health Edco Throw & Know™ Activity Balls Newsletter

Health Edco’s Throw & Know Activity Balls are fun health education teaching tools that feature a variety of questions on multiple health topics, such as drugs and alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes, and boys and girls puberty. Learn more about these great activity balls that are perfect for ice-breaking exercises, assessing player knowledge, and more!

April 2022 Teaching the Facts About Marijuana (Cannabis) With Our New 3-D Display Newsletter

Whether smoked, vaped in e-liquids or as concentrates, or consumed in edibles, today’s marijuana (cannabis) carries serious health risks. Learn more about our eye-opening, new 3-D display that features realistic facsimiles of different forms of marijuana and paraphernalia and explains the potential hazards of marijuana use.

March 2022 Health Edco & WRS Group’s Health Education Brand Family Newsletter

Health Edco is just one member of WRS Group, a family of companies with three health education brands dedicated to raising health education and awareness across the globe. Learn more about the unique beginnings of WRS Group, Health Edco, and the other members of our health education brand family!

February 2022 Stress & Your Heart Newsletter

For American Heart Month, Health Edco examines how stress can harm heart health. Learn more about the relationship between stress and heart disease, and discover some of our stress management and heart health teaching tools that are great to promote heart health.

January 2022 Working With Teens in Health Education Newsletter

Although working with teens in health education can be challenging and even frustrating at times, it is also extremely rewarding! Check out these great tips for working with teens, and discover just a few of our many educational materials that are perfect for teaching teens about health.

December 2021 Great Gifts for Health Educators Newsletter

Health educators always enjoy engaging gifts they can use to teach their audiences about healthy habits. Check out these great and affordable Health Edco gift ideas that your favorite health educator will love!

November 2021 Five Facts About Diabetes Newsletter

For November as National Diabetes Month, Health Edco explores five fascinating facts about diabetes. In this month’s article, learn more about diabetes, a condition affecting more than 1 in 10 Americans, and our innovative diabetes education models and materials.

October 2021 Breast Cancer Myths Newsletter

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Health Edco examines five myths about breast cancer. Learn the facts behind five breast cancer myths, and discover some of our engaging women’s breast health education materials and models, which are perfect for raising breast cancer awareness!

September 2021 The Lowdown on Cholesterol Education Teaching Tools Newsletter

In recognition of September as National Cholesterol Education Month, Health Edco highlights the importance of blood cholesterol management. Learn more about high blood cholesterol, its relationship to heart health, and our innovative teaching tools that are perfect to explain the facts about cholesterol to any audience.

August 2021 Engaging Drug Education Activities Newsletter

With a record number of people in the United States dying of drug overdoses in 2021, drug education is more important than ever. Learn more about Health Edco’s engaging and effective drug education activities in this month’s article, including our new Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know™ Activity!

July 2021 Health Edco Mouth Models Newsletter

Covering everything from proper oral hygiene to the dental devastation caused by smoking, smokeless tobacco, and meth, Health Edco’s mouth models have a lot to say! Learn more about our realistic, attention-grabbing mouth models in this month’s article, and discover how much our mouth models can say about health!

June 2021 Health Edco Consequences Displays Newsletter

Our Consequence 3-D Displays—with their painted organ models and simple text—are popular and portable ways to explain the health effects of many conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and behaviors, such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Learn more about these versatile and effective teaching tools!

May 2021 Facts About Cocaine Newsletter

Cocaine is among the most common drugs of abuse and has been involved in an increasing number of overdose deaths in combination with opioids. Read this month’s article to learn more about cocaine and to discover our drug education resources that teach the facts about cocaine abuse.

April 2021 Terrible Tobacco Truths Newsletter

Tobacco use is the world’s leading preventable cause of death. Learn more terrible tobacco truths—including the dangers posed by secondhand smoke, smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes—and discover some of our many popular tobacco education materials and models in this month’s article!

March 2021 Healthy Dining on Restaurant-Prepared Meals Newsletter

It’s always a good time to focus on nutritional strategies for better health! For National Nutrition Month®, Health Edco examines healthful eating strategies for dining on restaurant and takeout meals. Learn more about how restaurant-prepared meals can fit into healthy eating plans, and discover some of our nutrition education teaching resources.

February 2021 Matters of the Heart: American Heart Month Newsletter

For American Heart Month, Health Edco looks at how lifestyle habits (such as substance abuse) and health conditions (including high blood pressure and diabetes) can affect heart health. Learn more about factors impacting the heart and our many related health education materials and models to inform lessons on heart health!

January 2021 Facts About HPV Newsletter

For Cervical Health Awareness Month, Health Edco takes a closer look at HPV, the virus responsible for almost all cases of cervical cancer as well as certain other cancers and genital warts. Learn more about HPV and our educational resources that highlight the facts about HPV transmission, vaccination and prevention, and cervical cancer screening.

December 2020 The ABCs of Health Edco’s Health Education Resources Newsletter

Our extensive product line in multiple health categories means that Health Edco has something to offer in health education from A to Z! Check out this month’s article to discover the ABCs of Health Edco’s health education resources, covering anatomical models to the new Zinc Miracle Mask™ and everything in between!

November 2020 Myths & Facts About Diabetes Newsletter

For National Diabetes Month, Health Edco dispels 10 common myths and presents the facts about diabetes, a serious health condition that affects millions of Americans. Learn more about type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and check out a few of our diabetes education models and materials that are great for patient and student instruction on diabetes and diabetes management.

October 2020 Educational Resources for Breast Cancer Awareness Newsletter

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Health Edco has the essential teaching resources to ensure success in raising breast cancer awareness. Learn more in our October article about our breast self-exam (BSE) models, breast health displays, and take-home handouts that share life-saving information about BSE, clinical exams, and mammography.

September 2020 Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Newsletter

For National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Health Edco looks at the connection between childhood obesity and the increasing number of cases of type 2 diabetes in children. Learn more about how children’s body weight and activity level affect their risk of type 2 diabetes, and discover a few of our related health education teaching tools that can help young people learn about diabetes risk factors and the importance of diabetes management.

August 2020 Timeless Tips for Better Living Newsletter

With multiple stressors and concerns in these challenging times, working to stay healthy is more important than ever. Take a look at these timeless tips to live better and maintain better health both now and in the future, and discover our Health Edco health education resources that can help any group reach its health goals!

July 2020 Understanding Viral Hepatitis Newsletter

World Hepatitis Day is July 28th, a time to raise awareness about viral hepatitis and its serious global impact. Learn more about the different types of viral hepatitis, steps to help stop its transmission, and some of our educational resources for hepatitis awareness and prevention.

June 2020 Diabetes and Increased Severity of COVID-19 Newsletter

Having diabetes, especially if the diabetes is not well-controlled, can increase the likelihood of severe and potentially life-threatening coronavirus complications. Learn more about how diabetes can put people at risk for more severe illness as a result of coronavirus infection, and discover our educational resources that emphasize diabetes management and how to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

May 2020 Smoking, Vaping, and the Coronavirus Crisis Newsletter

Smoking or vaping may increase the severity of a coronavirus infection, raising the risk of dangerous complications or death from COVID-19. Learn more about how smoking and vaping may increase vulnerability to coronavirus complications. Discover more about the importance of quitting tobacco now as well as our tobacco education teaching tools that are ideal to deter and stop tobacco use.

April 2020 STD Myths and Facts Newsletter

Approximately 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) occur each year in the United States. In recognition of STD Awareness Month, Health Edco’s April newsletter dispels several common myths about STDs. Learn more about STDs and our sex education resources that are ideal to teach the facts about STDs and how to help protect against them.

March 2020 Benefits of Regular Family Meals Newsletter

For National Nutrition Month®, Health Edco examines why one of the best strategies to improve nutrition and health is as close as your family table! Learn more about why family meals matter for the entire family while discovering a few of our health education resources that can help reinforce understanding of the rewards that family meals provide.

February 2020 Heart Health Teaching Tools Newsletter

Taking care of your heart means taking care of the conditions that can promote heart disease. For American Heart Month, Health Edco takes a closer look at a few of our innovative models and resources that are perfect to teach how conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity can lead to heart disease.

January 2020 Health Education Resources for 2020 Health Resolutions Newsletter

For many people, the new year means New Year’s health resolutions, such as quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol, and eating a healthier diet. For January, Health Edco highlights some of our many health education resources to help inspire your audience to make and keep health resolutions throughout the year.

December 2019 HIV/AIDS Awareness and Teaching Resources Newsletter

In honor of World AIDS Day, Health Edco’s December newsletter takes a closer look at the current status of HIV across the globe. Learn more about HIV statistics, recent advances in HIV prevention, and our HIV/AIDS education resources that are perfect to promote HIV education and awareness.

November 2019 Diabetes and the Feet Newsletter

Uncontrolled diabetes can have serious complications for the feet. For American Diabetes Month, Health Edco takes a closer look at diabetic foot complications. Learn more about the warning signs of diabetic foot problems and ways to help prevent them, and discover our diabetes education models and materials, which are perfect to explain to patients and students how uncontrolled diabetes can harm the feet.

October 2019 Facts for Breast Cancer Awareness Newsletter

To promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Health Edco’s October newsletter presents important facts about breast cancer while highlighting a few of our innovative breast health education resources. Learn more about what breast cancer is, certain lifestyle factors that can affect breast cancer risk, and more!

September 2019 Junk Food and Childhood Obesity Newsletter

Junk food is often considered a significant contributor to increased rates of childhood obesity. For National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Health Edco’s September newsletter takes a closer look at how junk food contributes to overweight and obesity while highlighting some of our innovative nutrition education resources that are perfect for teaching young people about good nutritional habits.

August 2019 COPD Facts and Tobacco Education Materials Newsletter

Cigarette smoking is the primary cause of COPD, which is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Learn more about COPD, our one-of-a-kind Clem’s Phlegm model, and our many other creative tobacco education teaching tools.

July 2019 Facts About Heroin Newsletter

Heroin use and heroin overdoses have increased dramatically in recent years as part of our nation’s opioid epidemic. Health Edco’s July newsletter highlights this dangerous illegal drug, heroin’s relationship to prescription opioids, and our drug education materials that are ideal to teach the hazards of opioid abuse.

June 2019 Male Breast Cancer Awareness Newsletter

Although often considered a “woman’s disease,” men can develop breast cancer, too. In 2019, it is estimated that more than 2,600 men in the United States will receive a breast cancer diagnosis. For Men’s Health Month, Health Edco raises male breast cancer awareness. Learn more about the risk factors and warning signs of male breast cancer, and discover our Men’s Breast Cancer Awareness Model, a great teaching tool healthcare professionals can use with their male patients.

May 2019 Stroke Awareness and Educational Materials Newsletter

For National Stroke Awareness Month, Health Edco puts the spotlight on stroke. Learn more about stroke, its symptoms, and the importance of getting immediate medical attention for a stroke to help prevent long-term disabilities. Also, discover Health Edco’s educational resources that are perfect for stroke education.

April 2019 Alcohol and Your Liver Alcohol Education Newsletter

Deaths from alcohol-related liver disease are on the rise in younger adults. For Alcohol Awareness Month, Health Edco takes a closer look at how alcohol abuse damages the liver. Learn more about alcohol-related liver disease and our thought-provoking alcohol education models and resources that explain the physical effects of alcohol abuse.

March 2019 The Facts About Added Sugars Newsletter

The added sugars in our diet provide empty calories and can lead to health problems. For National Nutrition Month®, Health Edco explains the facts about added sugars and their recommended dietary limits. Learn more about added sugars and Health Edco’s fun and engaging resources that creatively reveal the high added sugar content in many common foods and beverages!

February 2019 Women and Heart Disease Newsletter

Heart disease is often considered a men’s health problem, but it’s actually the leading cause of death for both women and men in the United States. For American Heart Month, Health Edco highlights women and heart disease, including how heart disease in women is different from heart disease in men and how women can decrease their risk for heart disease.

January 2019 Updated Physical Activity Guidelines Newsletter

New Year’s Day brings New Year’s resolutions. For many of us, that means being more active to lose weight and get healthier. Learn more about the recently updated guidelines for physical activity, which urge everyone to get active and stay active!

December 2018 Tips to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays Newsletter

Make this a healthy and safe holiday season! To keep the holidays healthy and fun, Health Edco offers tips to help every member of the family enjoy the gift of good health for the holidays. Read to discover helpful holiday health and safety tips.

November 2018 The A1C Test for Diabetes Newsletter

The A1C test is an important tool for diabetes diagnosis and management. In recognition of National Diabetes Month, Health Edco explains what the A1C test is and what its results mean. Read to learn more about the A1C test and our innovative diabetes education products.

October 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Newsletter

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Health Edco explains breast self-awareness, the role breast self-exams can play in breast self-awareness, and how our breast models and other women’s health education products promote breast cancer awareness. Read to learn more!

September 2018 Childhood Obesity Prevention Newsletter

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Learn more about ways parents and caregivers can instill healthy habits during childhood and our great nutrition, physical activity, and obesity education resources.

August 2018 Osteoporosis Education Newsletter

Osteoporosis, which is characterized by low bone mass and progressive bone loss, affects millions of Americans. Read to learn more about osteoporosis, prevention strategies, and our osteoporosis education models and displays.

July 2018 Dehydration Education Newsletter

Dehydration can cause serious health problems, especially during hot summer months or after an intense workout. Learn more about what you need to do to stay hydrated!

June 2018 Prostate Cancer Screening Newsletter

Prostate cancer screening guidelines have recently changed and can be confusing. Learn more about the factors affecting a man’s decision to undergo PSA testing and our educational resources for prostate health awareness.

May 2018 Sun Safety Tips Newsletter

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, making it a great time to consider year-round habits and strategies to prevent skin cancer. Learn more about sun safety and our sun safety health education resources.

April 2018 Alcohol Awareness Newsletter

Are you drinking too much alcohol? April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Learn more about recommended alcohol limits and our alcohol education products.

March 2018 Health Benefits of Pets Newsletter

Pet ownership offers a variety of health benefits, such as making us more physically active and better able to manage stress. Discover more about how pets can enhance our health and overall well-being.

February 2018 Heart Health Newsletter

Health Edco celebrates American Heart Month with teaching tools that promote healthy lifestyle habits for a healthy heart. Learn more about our engaging heart health education resources.

January 2018 Cervical Health Newsletter

For Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Health Edco discusses cervical health and highlights our cervical health education products that cover HPV, Pap tests, and cervical cancer.

November 2017 Diabetes Education Resources Newsletter

For National Diabetes Month, Health Edco presents a selection of our innovative products that highlight the importance of diabetes management. Read to learn more about our diabetes teaching tools.