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Great Gifts for Health Educators

It’s that time of year again: The season for giving gifts! Now is the time to find creative gifts for the health educators on your gift list. By nature, health educators are deeply passionate about their profession and love engaging gifts they can use to teach their audiences about healthy habits.

You may be wondering: How can I find that perfect gift for the dedicated health educator on my list without breaking my budget? Look no further than Health Edco! We have a full line of health education materials and models on a wide range of health topics that can fit any budget!

Read on to discover five diverse Health Edco health education materials and models costing around $100 or less that health educators will love and use again and again with their students and patients. Bonus: Each of these teaching tools is easy to use and easy-to-carry, making them perfect for health educators on the go!

A Year’s Worth of Tar™ Model

A longtime favorite and classic best-selling tobacco education resource, our A Year’s Worth of Tar Model is an effective and affordable teaching tool. The easy-to-handle jar is filled with gooey, oozing, simulated tar representing the amount of tar that goes through the lungs of a smoker who smokes 10 cigarettes (half a pack) a day over the course of 1 year. Viewers can turn the jar and watch as the gooey tar—which has disgusting simulated cigarette butts and a cigarette pack floating inside—moves and sticks to the jar. The jar’s label explains the jar’s revolting yet revealing contents.

Our A Year’s Worth of Tar Model shows about how
much tar goes through a smoker’s lungs in 1 year.

Because the jar is shatterproof and permanently sealed, the A Year’s Worth of Tar Model is ideal for classrooms and tobacco education presentations. Health educators love to point out that many smokers smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day and ask their audiences to ponder what all that tar is doing to a smoker’s lungs.

Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know™ Activity Ball

Starting the conversation about drug and alcohol abuse can be tricky, which makes our Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Activity Ball the perfect interactive resource for health educators to use with grade 7 through adult audiences. This large, inflatable ball is covered with 60 questions about a full range of substances of abuse, from opioids and marijuana to tobacco and e-cigarettes, stimulants, alcohol, and more. Using the ball is easy: Two or more players simply throw the ball to one another and answer the question closest to their right thumb.

Our new Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Activity Ball is a
fun, colorful ball with 60 questions about substance abuse.

Health educators love this affordable activity ball as a great way to reinforce and review information covered in lessons dedicated to the facts about drug and alcohol abuse. The detailed activity guide provides answers to the questions on the ball and gets players thinking about the many ways substance abuse can deter them from their goals.

Fizz to Fat™ Display

One of the challenges of nutrition education is explaining that liquid calories add up and lead to weight gain just like the calories in the foods we eat. In fact, liquid calories can be highly deceptive because they tend to make us feel less full than the calories in food.

Our Fizz to Fat Display™ fancifully explains how
the added sugars in cola can pack on extra weight.

Our Fizz to Fat Display is a simple model that can make a powerful impression about how easy it is for liquid calories to add up. The display features a 20-ounce bottle of cola being poured into a glass. As the cola cascades from the bottle, it turns into thick, yellowy fat, symbolizing how the extra calories from sugar in soft drinks can turn to extra body fat. An informative tent card explains that a 20-ounce bottle of cola provides a whopping 250 calories from sugar. Health educators love this nutrition education display not only because it grabs attention but also because it raises awareness of how many empty calories are consumed throughout the day by sipping beverages.

Mini A1C™ Diabetes Education Model Set

Coming in a colorful carrying case, our Mini A1C Diabetes Education Model Set is perfect for diabetes educators. The set is ideal for explaining the A1C test and its important role in diabetes management to patients and students. Diabetes educators love the set’s miniature size, making it a great teaching tool for health educators who are always on the move.

Our Mini A1C Diabetes Education Model Set
is a great visual to help explain the A1C test.

The set features two tiny test tubes: One tube depicts a red blood cell with few glucose particles attached to represent a healthy A1C, and the other tube depicts a red blood cell with excess glucose particles attached to represent a high A1C. A handy instruction card explains the A1C level depicted with each tube. Affordable and convenient, this diabetes education tool is a much-appreciated health educator stocking stuffer!

Clogged Artery Model

Made of squishy BIOLIKE™ material, this oversized model of an artery severely constricted by plaque practically begs to be picked up and squeezed. The appealing texture of our Clogged Artery Model belies the fact that it represents the process of atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) and the development of cardiovascular disease, the world’s leading cause of death.

Enticing viewers with a squishy feel, our Clogged Artery
leaves an impression about plaque buildup.

Whether they are leading discussions about the consequences of smoking, obesity, physical activity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or unhealthy eating, health educators will use this model repeatedly to show how different lifestyle factors can lead to a heart attack or stroke. The model is ideal to explain why avoiding tobacco, being physically active, and limiting saturated fat and sodium is essential for cardiovascular health.

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No matter your budget or the health subject area you are looking for, Health Edco has just the right teaching tools for every health educator. Explore our diverse, creative line of health education materials and models by browsing our health education subjects.

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