Clogged Artery Model

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Filled with simulated plaque buildup in the form of pasty yellow gunk, this squishy artery model makes a powerful impression about the importance of maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels and eating a diet low in saturated fat. Made of lifelike BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, the model begs to be picked up and squished, highlighting how its interior is nearly clogged with plaque buildup, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Comes with English/Spanish presentation notes.

Filled With Simulated Plaque Buildup, This Squishy Artery Model Is Great For Teaching About Cholesterol And Heart Health. Includes English/Spanish Guide.

Best Seller!

A unique teaching tool, this model vividly demonstrates what happens inside a clogged artery. Made of squishy BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, the inside passage of this artery is severely constricted by layers of plaque. Comes with English/Spanish presentation notes that discuss what causes clogged arteries and how to reduce your risk. A great resource to enhance heart health lessons and raise awareness about limiting saturated fat in the diet. 1½" x 3".