Fat Chunks And Mighty Muscles Set

ITEM: 26025


Put our popular 1- and 5-pound Mighty Muscles and Fat Chunks side-by-side to reinforce the value of physical activity. The sleek-shaped muscles quickly remind everyone that body fat takes up twice the space as muscle, even when they weigh the same. A great way to highlight how physical activity builds muscle and burns fat.

Great to promote physical activity, these 1 and 5 pound fat and muscle models are perfect to teach the importance of good nutrition and exercise. Order here!

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The differences between muscle and body fat become crystal clear with this set of models. Set features bulky 1- and 5-pound Fat Chunk models and dense 1- and 5-pound muscle models, each begging to be picked up and examined for closer inspection. It quickly becomes clear that muscle takes up about half the volume of fat, even at the same weight, reinforcing the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Weights of models are approximate and may vary slightly. Set comes with informative, two-sided tent cards and carrying cases.