Benefits of Physical Activity 3-D Display

ITEM: 79632


This unique display—with its four swiveling panels, mounted front-and-back, and striking anatomical models—paints contrasting pictures of a body bolstered by exercise and one suffering the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Features 3-D models of both healthy and unhealthy muscles, arteries, body fat, and bones. A great interactive display to reveal some of the many benefits of physical activity.

This interactive, educational display reveals the benefits of physical activity by contrasting them with the results of sedentary lifestyle. Learn more here!

The real benefits of physical activity are easy to see with this interactive 3-D display. Its four swiveling panels show the rewards of an active lifestyle on one side (strong muscles, healthy arteries, reduced body fat, and healthy joints) contrasted with consequences of a sedentary lifestyle on the other side (muscle loss, diseased arteries, increased body fat, and osteoarthritis). Can be used as a tabletop display. 24½" x 12" x 3".