Globs of Fat and Masses of Muscle Set (1 lb and 5 lb)

ITEM: 26040


These lifelike 1- and 5-pound fat and muscle models provide a hands-on demonstration of the difference between body fat and muscle and the importance of physical activity. Globs of Fat™ are made of BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue and have a realistic, squishy feel. Firm lean Masses of Muscle™ models are rigid and streamlined, just like real muscle tissue. A great addition to any lesson on good nutrition or physical activity.

Our Globs of Fat & Masses of Muscles Set has realistic models of body fat and muscle. The set is great for nutrition education! Visit our site to learn more!

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Our Globs of Fat™ and Masses of Muscle™ models are a palpable way to compare the differences between muscle and body fat. The rigid, streamlined muscle models demonstrate how muscle takes up about half the volume of fat while weighing the same amount. Our Globs of Fat are made of squishy, lifelike BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue and have the lifelike feel of real body fat. A great set to demonstrate the importance of physical activity to burn body fat and build muscle. Includes 1- and 5-pound fat models, 1- and 5-pound muscle models, informative tent cards explaining the role of diet and physical activity in overall health, and carrying cases. Model weights may vary slightly.