Fat Vest Adult Size

ITEM: 26003


When your group puts on this vest, which allows them to “gain” up to 20 pounds, they will quickly realize how extra weight makes movement and daily activities much more difficult. Designed for adult wearers and featuring images of organs affected by obesity, the vest holds the five included weights to add 20 extra pounds. The vest provides wearers with firsthand experience about the importance of balancing calories and physical activity to maintain a healthy weight.

Creating A 20-Pound Weight Gain, This Fun Vest Teaches Wearers How Extra Weight Harms Their Health. Great For Nutrition Education And Obesity Prevention.

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Excess body fat can lead not only to overweight, obesity, and diabetes; it also can restrict movement, making everyday tasks difficult. Simulating the look and feel of excess body fat, this vest creates the fatiguing, restrictive feeling associated with obesity. By inserting five weights into the adult vest’s interior pocket, the user can “gain” up to 20 extra pounds. Also features images of organs affected by obesity to drive home the fact that too much extra weight can have devastating health consequences.