Rolls of Fat Set (1 lb and 5 lb)

ITEM: 26013


These 1-lb and 5-lb rolls of simulated fat can be wrapped around the mid-section, helping users understand how excess calories can lead to excess body fat around the waist. Perfect for discussing how empty calories and a lack of physical activity can lead to unhealthy weight gain, as well as the health risks of excess belly fat. Comes with presentation notes.

Great For Nutrition Education And Obesity Prevention, These 1 Lb And 5 Lb Simulated Fat Rolls Teach The Connection Between Empty Calories And Weight Gain.

These two rolls of simulated fat have the look, feel, weight, and approximate volume of 1 lb and 5 lb of body fat. Participants can wrap them around their waistlines for a demonstration of how fat accumulates around the mid-section. Set of two rolls comes with presentation notes that feature four fun activity suggestions that help participants understand the connection between excess calorie intake, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy weight gain. Carrying case (Item #96516) (not included) sold separately. The 1-lb roll is 11½" long. The 5-lb roll is 29" long.