Obesity Education Package

ITEM: 79952


With this comprehensive package, providing an effective presentation about obesity is made easy. Participants learn practical information about obesity and are provided with opportunities to relate the information to their own lives. Package includes eye-catching visuals, an engaging display with 3-D models, and individual handouts. A detailed facilitator’s guide with presentation script, assessment tools, and creative enrichment activities ties the package together. Appropriate for use with both secondary and adult audiences.

Teach a comprehensive program about obesity and its prevention! Our package includes visuals, handouts, and unique portion size models. Learn more here!

Sensitive and straightforward, this comprehensive package provides engaging information about preventing and dealing with obesity. Includes five popular products, including attention-grabbing visuals, handouts, and a fun display with clever 3-D models:

  • Overweight & Obesity folding display offers a general overview.
  • Healthy Eating With MyPlate booklet (50 included) helps readers make smart food choices.
  • Visualize Your Portion Size display trains eyes to recognize portion sizes, helping participants understand how much they are eating.
  • Body Mass Index Calculator helps participants determine their BMI
  • Exercise & Calorie Guide Chart

A four-part facilitator’s guide contains a detailed presentation script, worksheets, assessments, and creative enrichment activities. The program can be tailored to fit a variety of time formats and different age groups, from middle school to adult audiences.