Fizz to Fat Display

ITEM: 78965


Show viewers the surest way to pour on the pounds with this clever model. Mysteriously suspended in mid-air, a bottle dispenses a simulated cola into the glass below. But as the cola cascades out of the bottle and into the glass, it turns into thick, yellowish fat, symbolizing how the extra calories we get from sugary beverages can turn into body fat. Comes with an informative, two-sided tent card that explains the connection between excess calories in the form of liquid sugar and weight gain.

Use this fun, eye-catching display to educate people on the connection between liquid sugar, excess calories, and weight gain. Order your display today!

Many people don’t think about the connection between what they drink and weight gain. As this clever display reveals, liquid sugar can turn into excess fat. Depicts a cola turning into fat as it pours into a glass, representing the role sugary beverages can play in unhealthy weight gain. Comes with an informative, two-sided tent card with additional information. Model measures 5" x 14" x 3".