Fizzics Of Soda Display

ITEM: 79296


As this fun, attention-grabbing display reveals, you could gain 2 lb in just one month simply by drinking two 12-oz sugary soft drinks a day in excess of your daily calorie needs. Display features a blubbery, BIOLIKE 2™ soda bottle representing 2 lb of body fat and a 5 lb bag of sugar representing all the sugar consumed from just two daily sodas each day for one month. An impactful addition to any nutrition lesson!

Pop the top off this giant soft drink can to educate your group about how too much added sugar in soda can lead to excess weight gain. See what’s included here!

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More than 2 lb of body fat ... that’s what you could gain in one month from two 12-oz sugary sodas a day. Even harder to swallow is the idea that you’d also gulp more than 5 gallons of soda and consume 5 lb of sugar, illustrated here by a sugar bag and fat model. The mammoth-size soda can turns heads, ultimately turning viewers toward a life of less soda. Can measures 10½" x 16".