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Teaching the Facts About Today’s
Marijuana With Our New 3-D Display!

From our best-selling Drug Identification Guide to our comprehensive Drug Education Guide and Substance Abuse Identification Kit, Health Edco has long been known for our attention-grabbing, highly informational drug education displays. These displays feature realistic, sculpted facsimiles of actual drugs and drug paraphernalia and easy-to-understand text about the consequences of drug abuse, making them ideal community teaching tools for schools, parent associations, law enforcement, and more.

Marijuana (also called cannabis) is one of the most common drugs of abuse. As marijuana makes strides in legalization and public acceptance, new forms of the drug have appeared along with new ways of using it. With marijuana becoming more accessible and increasingly popular, the health risks associated with marijuana are often downplayed or overlooked.

Today’s marijuana comes in diverse forms.

Our new Marijuana / Cannabis: A Closer Look 3-D Display uses a variety of realistic models—from facsimiles of dry herb marijuana to detailed sculpted and painted models of marijuana concentrates and marijuana paraphernalia—to teach the facts about today’s marijuana. The display is ideal to help parents identify different forms of marijuana while teaching young people the risks associated with marijuana use, from addiction to mental health problems and more.

Read on to learn more about the great features of this exciting new drug education resource!

Showing marijuana/cannabis in multiple forms,
our new 3-D display presents the facts about marijuana.

A Portable Teaching Tool for Health Education on the Go

One of the most convenient features of the new Marijuana / Cannabis: A Closer Look 3-D Display is its portability, making it perfect for health education on the go. The display consists of a variety of 3-D models safely secured behind Plexiglas inside a carrying case that comes complete with latch closure and carrying handles. When opened, the display case measures 29" x 20", a size that easily allows viewers to see the models and take in all the information. A stand-alone side panel (12" x 17½") fits inside the case during transport. Because the models are sturdily affixed to the display background and are enclosed behind the protective Plexiglas, there is no reason to worry that any parts of the display will become lost or go missing when transporting the display from one educational venue to another.

A Realistic Look at How Marijuana Is Smoked

Most people are familiar with the concept of smoking marijuana in its loose-leaf format, and the display features a variety of models dedicated to teaching about the appearance of the dried leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant and how marijuana is smoked. The display features realistic, 3-D facsimiles of:

  • Marijuana in a Bag

  • Rolling Papers

  • Unrolled Joint

  • Joint

  • Roach Clip

  • Blunt

  • Cigarillo Blunt

  • Hand Pipe

  • Bong (Water Pipe)

Cigarillo blunts, which are blunts created by removing tobacco from a cigarillo and replacing it with marijuana, are a popular way to smoke marijuana.

New Ways to Use Marijuana: E-Liquids & Concentrates

E-cigarettes and vaping devices have exploded in popularity among young people. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat an e-liquid to create an aerosol vapor that the user inhales. E-liquids usually contain varying strengths of nicotine, but e-liquid may also contain THC, the main mind-altering chemical found in marijuana. Vaping devices can also be used to vape marijuana concentrates (“oil,” “budder,” and “shatter”), a highly potent form of THC. Small amounts of concentrates (known as “dabs”) may be placed using a dab tool into a special vaping device called a dab pen. Dabs can also be vaporized in special devices called dab rigs, which have a similar appearance to bongs.

The display features realistic, 3-D models of different forms of marijuana.
Using e-cigarettes to vape THC e-liquids and dab pens to vaporize dabs have become popular ways to use marijuana in part because they allow discreet marijuana use. 3-D models in the new Marijuana / Cannabis: A Closer Look 3-D Display that highlight how marijuana is vaped include facsimiles of:

  • A Vape With Sub-Ohm Tank

  • THC E-Liquid

  • Dab Pen

  • Oil

  • Shatter

Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana “pot” brownies have long been a popular way to consume marijuana. Today, however, with increased legalization of marijuana has come increased manufacture of a variety of THC-infused sweets and other foods. Many of these sweets come in packaging similar to regular, name-brand sweets, which puts children at risk of finding and consuming them. Coming in a tincture bottle, THC tinctures may also be added into foods and drinks or absorbed in drops under the tongue.

Realistic models in the new 3-D Display that highlight marijuana edibles include:

  • Pot Brownie

  • THC-Infused Gummy Sweets

  • THC Tinture

The Risks of Marijuana Use

With their realistic 3-D models, the interior panels of the display are a great way to educate viewers about the diverse appearances of different forms of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. Parents may not always recognize the vaping devices that can be used to vape THC e-liquids or concentrates or the wide range of marijuana edibles available.

In addition to the interior panels, the display’s stand-alone side panel is integral to the display because it focuses on the potential consequences of marijuana use. The stand-alone panel covers the potential lethalness of so-called “synthetic marijuana,” including K2 and Spice, and potential short- and long-term consequences of marijuana use, including memory problems, hallucinations, delusions and paranoia, changes to brain development, addiction, mental health problems, and more.

The take-away from the display is clear: Marijuana may be gaining widespread acceptance and come in a variety of different forms, but it still carries a variety of potentially serious health risks.

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