Marijuana Flip Chart

ITEM: 43111


Emphasizing that marijuana use can lead to addiction, physical harms, and other negative consequences, this attention-grabbing, 6-panel flip chart (12" x 17") is an ideal resource to teach the facts about marijuana. Covering different types of marijuana (including stronger forms such as concentrates), “synthetic marijuana,” emerging dangers of vaping marijuana, and potential physical and social ramifications associated with using the drug, this educational flip makes it clear that using marijuana comes with multiple risks. Features presentation notes on reverse panels.

Our Marijuana Flip Chart is the perfect resource for drug education. It covers the signs of abuse and health risks associated with marijuana use. Order today!

Although marijuana has gained increased public acceptance with wider legalization, marijuana is not a harmless drug. Perfect for teaching about the potential dangers of marijuana use, this 6-panel flip chart (12" x 17") features dramatic text and eye-catching artwork to present the facts about marijuana.

Topics covered in the flip chart include:

  • What marijuana is, including discussion of THC, different forms of marijuana (such sinsemilla, hashish, and marijuana concentrates), synthetic cannabinoids (K2, Spice, and herbal incense), and how marijuana is used, including marijuana tinctures, dabbing and vaping, and more

  • What happens when marijuana is used, including physical effects and possible signs of use

  • Dangers of marijuana use, including harmful health effects, such as lung and breathing problems, cardiovascular stress, severe nausea and vomiting, fetal and infant harm, changes in brain development, mental health probems, and marijuana use disorder and addiction

  • Additional dangers, such as the risks of drugged driving, lower academic achievement, poorer health, and decreased overall satisfaction in life

  • Getting help for a marijuana use disorder

Also covers the emerging dangers of vaping marijuana. Flip chart features presentation notes on reverse panels. 6 panels. 12" x 17".