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A Year’s Worth of Health Observances
With Health Edco

Welcome to 2023!

It’s a great new year filled with opportunities to raise awareness about essential health issues, inspire healthy habits, and build a healthier future.

At Health Edco, we have health education tools for health observances and awareness events held every month of the year, so get ready for your next big health initiative or event today!

Read on to discover some of 2023’s upcoming health observances as well as a sampling of just a few of our innovative health education materials and models that are perfect to promote and inspire health education and awareness!

January: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, a great time to educate women about how they can take steps to protect themselves against cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV), an extremely common sexually transmitted infection that causes nearly all cases of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination have greatly reduced the threat of cervical cancer in the United States, which is why education about routine cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination is key.

Our Feel for Yourself: Cervix Conditions Display features
lifelike models to highlight the role of cervical cancer screening.

In our product section dedicated to women’s health education materials, models, and displays we have informative displays to raise awareness about the importance of cervical cancer screenings and HPV vaccines, including our Pap Tests, Cervical Cancer, and HPV Folding Display and our Feel for Yourself: Cervix Conditions Display, which features five tactile cervical models showing cervical conditions from a normal cervix to later stage invasive cancer.

February: American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and Health Edco has an entire line of products dedicated uniquely to heart health. For example, our Heart Health Education Package is perfect for secondary and adult audiences, making it ideal for a variety of settings, including schools and corporate wellness events.

Use our Heart Health Education Package to provide
a comprehensive program in stroke and heart disease.

The package contains our best-selling Death of an Artery Easel Display, an interactive Occluded Artery Model, our Preventing Cardiovascular Disease Folding Display, and 50 Cholesterol Booklets. A detailed facilitator’s guide includes a presentation script, worksheets, and assessment tools.

March: National Nutrition Month®

Proper nutrition is essential for optimal health, and Health Edco has a wide range of nutrition teaching tools, covering everything from added sugars to sodium, saturated fat, and balancing calorie intake with calories burned through physical activity. And, if you are looking to teach the key concepts of MyPlate, Health Edco has you covered! For example, check out our Nutrition Education Package, MyPlate Banner Set, and MyPlate Deluxe Faux Foods Package (41). Plus, all of our faux food packages include nutrition information food cards for each food with nutrition facts color-coded to MyPlate.

April: Alcohol Awareness Month & STD Awareness Week

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, a great time to help people consider the role alcohol is playing in their lives and how alcohol abuse can negatively impact their well-being.

Get ready for Alcohol Awareness Month with our effective alcohol education materials and teaching tools. For example, our DrinkAware™ Display includes four clear models of a standard drink and helps viewers understand whether they are engaging in excessive alcohol consumption. Our Alcohol Changes Everything™ Game is just one of our interactive alcohol education activities to help participants understand how quickly alcohol abuse can negatively impact their lives.

Our What You Should Know About STDs Folding Display
covers HPV and other sexually transmitted infections.

The second full week of April is STD Awareness Week, an opportunity to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and ways to help prevent spreading and contracting them. Our sex education resources include many great teaching tools to raise awareness about STDs, including our What You Should Know About STDs Folding Display and our interactive STD Roulette Game.

May: World No Tobacco Day

May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, a great time to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco and to inspire users to quit. Our line of innovative tobacco education models and materials is extensive, and we cover the damages of tobacco in a variety of forms: smoke tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, and pipes), smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes and vaping devices, which can lead young people straight to nicotine addiction.

Our new E-Cigarettes & Vaping: A Closer Look 3-D Display
uses realistic models and clear text to present the facts about vaping.

Whether you are looking for tobacco education activities, handouts, models, or displays, Health Edco has tobacco education materials to reach audiences of all ages.

June: Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month, and Health Edco has teaching tools geared specifically to men’s health issues, including testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Available with models in beige or brown skin tone, our Mini-Testicles™ Model is a great handout to help men learn how to perform testicular self-exam (TSE) for the early detection of testicular cancer. Our Feel for Yourself: Prostate Conditions Display provides palpable evidence for why healthcare professionals may recommend prostate cancer screening.

July: UV Safety Awareness Month

Although summertime is when UV rays are at their strongest, sun safety is important year-round. Check out our sun safety education products for great resources for UV Safety Awareness Month, including our Skin Cancer Self-Exam Door Hanger, a full-color handout to help people spot skin cancer early, and our Sun Safety: Ban the Burn Folding Display.

The Sun Safety: Ban the Burn Folding Display
explains how to stay safe from the sun.

August: National Breastfeeding Month

Good health starts with good nutrition. Breastmilk is the optimal first food for babies, which is why the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend exclusive breastfeeding for infants for the first 6 months of life. However, successful breastfeeding often takes practice and support. Health Edco offers a wide variety of breastfeeding teaching materials from our sister company, Childbirth Graphics. Check out our breastfeeding teaching tools in our product section dedicated to childbirth & development.

September: National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

In the United States, more than 40 percent of young people are overweight or obese. Our nutrition education materials and physical activity educational resources include a wide variety of teaching tools and models that can help young people develop healthy eating habits and become physically active for better life-long health. Fun activities, such as our SpinSmart™ Nutrition Wheel or Roll & Go™ Fitness Dice Activity, are great ways to teach kids about nutrition and physical activity and show them that being active is fun!

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Red Ribbon Week

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Health Edco offers a wide range of breast health education models and materials in our product section dedicated to women’s health. For example, our diverse line of breast education resources, from our Mini-Breast™ Models to our Breast Care Folding Display, highlights the importance of breast self-awareness through breast self-exam (BSE), clinical exams, and mammography for the early detection of breast cancer.

Red Ribbon Week, a week devoted to drug abuse education, awareness, and prevention, takes place every October 23–31. Our drug education resources are perfect for Red Ribbon Week and for year-round drug abuse education and prevention.

Our new Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Activity features a
fun, colorful ball with 60 questions about substance abuse.

November: National Diabetes Month

Managing diabetes by maintaining healthy blood glucose levels is essential to avoid severe diabetic complications, such as heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness. From our realistic Diabetic Foot Model Set to our A1C Levels: An Inside Look™ Model, we have a variety of diabetes teaching tools that educate about the importance of diabetes management.

December: World AIDS Day

Every December 1 is World AIDS Day, a time to reflect on ways to fight the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and to emphasize the importance of managing HIV for those infected with the virus. Our HIV/AIDS educational resources—such as our HIV/AIDS Consequences 3-D Display, What You Should Know About HIV/AIDS Folding Display, and HIV/AIDS: Death of an Immune System Easel Display— are great resources for any HIV/AIDS awareness event.

Discover More Great Teaching Tools for Year-Round Health Education

Health awareness days, weeks, and months may come and go, but practicing and maintaining healthy habits every day is always the goal! Find many more great health education materials and models on the topics you need by visiting our health education subjects.

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