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Active Learning With Health Edco’s
Throw & Know™ Activity Balls

As health educators know, students may sometimes feel health education lessons are complicated, awkward, or just not relevant to them—even when the information is essential and can help them make healthier life choices impacting their entire lives.

Fortunately, health educators have many options to make health education lessons memorable and effective. For more than 50 years, Health Edco has provided invaluable displays, 3-D models, and teaching tools with an established reputation of “bringing health education to life,” creating effective and unforgettable health education lessons for learners of all ages.

One way to involve students is through active learning, which gets students involved in the learning process beyond simply sitting still and listening to lectures. Getting young people up, moving, and actively engaged in the material can go a long way in helping them learn and retain information as well as apply it to their own lives.

Health Edco’s new Throw & Know Activity Balls are our latest growing line of educational resources to engage students in active learning. Each inflatable PVC (not made with natural latex) Throw & Know Activity Ball (16" diameter, 24" arc length) is covered with a variety of questions. Players can take turns tossing the ball to one another and answering the question that falls closest to their right thumb. Each Throw & Know Ball comes with a detailed activity guide and answer key for all the questions on the ball. The balls are ideal to review information learned in lessons or as ice-breaking exercises to help your audience work together to answer questions.

Read on to learn more about our growing line of Throw & Know Activity Balls and how they can help break the ice and get students engaged in active learning!

Girls and Boys Puberty Throw & Know Activity Balls

Learning and talking about puberty can be intimidating, but the Girls Puberty Throw & Know Activity Ball and the Boys Puberty Throw & Know Activity Ball offer a fun, non-threatening way to help children understand what changes they can expect as they grow into adolescents. Designed for young people in grades 3 through 8 (ages 8 to 14), the two colorful balls (one designed specifically for boys and one designed specifically for girls) each feature 48 questions about puberty and growing up.

Girls have fun as they learn about puberty together
with our Girls Puberty Throw & Know Activity Ball.

Tossing the Girls Puberty Throw & Know Activity Ball or the Boys Puberty Throw & Know Activity Ball is a great ice-breaking exercise for girls or boys to help alleviate any embarrassment they may have in talking about puberty while providing information they need to know. Questions are asked in age-appropriate short-answer, true-or-false, and multiple-choice formats and help young people understand that what they are experiencing is normal and natural.

Questions dealing with the physical changes of young people address issues related to changes in physical development (such as periods for girls and wet dreams for boys), anatomy, hygiene, and more. The activity ball also helps boys and girls consider key issues of young adulthood, such as:

  • Why should young people say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco?

  • How can you maintain a healthy self-image during puberty?

  • Who are trusted people you can talk to if you feel anxious, confused, or have questions about puberty and your feelings?

The non-threatening format of our Boys Puberty Throw
& Know Activity Ball
makes learning effective and fun!

Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Throw & Know Activity Ball

Designed for learners in grades 7 through adults (ages 12 and up), the Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Throw & Know Activity Ball is a great way for players to learn more about tobacco and nicotine in its various forms. Covered with 60 thought-provoking questions, the ball is ideal to reinforce information taught in lessons dedicated to presenting the facts about smoking, using smokeless tobacco, and vaping e-cigarettes.

The Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Throw & Know Activity Ball
teaches young people the dangers of tobacco in all its forms.

Questions on the ball make it clear that tobacco use is deadly and smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes are not safe alternatives to smoking. The detailed activity guide covers the health and physical consequences of tobacco use (from heart and lung disease to yellowed, damaged teeth and more) to opened-ended questions, such as:

  • What strategies can help you quit tobacco and e-cigarettes?

  • Why do you think young people start using tobacco and e-cigarettes?

  • Do you think smoking makes you look more attractive?

Ideal for starting conversations about the consequences of tobacco and e-cigarettes, the ball is a helpful tool to gauge players’ understanding about the destructive power of nicotine and to raise awareness about issues related to the use of tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Players can work together to answer questions on our
Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Throw & Know Activity Ball.

Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Activity Ball

Like our Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Throw & Know Activity Ball, our Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Ball is designed for grades 7 through adult (ages 12 and up). The 60 questions on the ball cover a variety of substances of abuse, including stimulants, depressants, marijuana / cannabis, opioids, inhalants, alcohol, synthetic drugs, tobacco and e-cigarettes, and more. The ball’s detailed activity guide includes answers to the questions as well as additional information.

Players engage in active learning with our
Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Activity Ball.

Thought-provoking questions on the ball include:

  • Why do you think people abuse drugs?

  • What is binge drinking?

  • What is “meth mouth”?

  • True or False: Overdosing on “synthetic marijuana,” such as K2 and Spice, can be fatal.

  • What are possible signs of an opioid overdose?

  • True or False: Most people need professional help to overcome a drug problem, but it can be treated successfully.

Great for small or large groups, the ball can help reinforce information learned in lessons dedicated to drug and alcohol abuse or serve as an ice-breaking activity for alcohol and drugs education. Working individually or as teams, players enjoy learning together as they discover essential facts about drugs and alcohol.

The Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Ball is available on its own or as a part of our popular Drugs and Alcohol Classroom Package.

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