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Five Great Reasons to Love
Our Consequences Displays

What’s a convenient, concise, and effective way to reach audiences and explain the consequences of a variety of health conditions and behaviors, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, high blood pressure, and a sedentary lifestyle? For many years and for many health educators, the answer is obvious: Health Edco Consequences Displays!

Consequences Displays are among our time-tested, customer favorites for health education. Each of our Consequences Displays comes in a sturdy, self-contained carrying case that opens into a dramatic 28" x 27" educational exhibit with eight realistically painted 3-D models that highlight the effects of a particular health condition (such as diabetes), or lifestyle habit (such as drug abuse or alcohol abuse).

Read on to learn more about our 11 exceptional Consequences Displays and why health educators across the globe turn to them again and again to help their audiences understand the importance of healthy lifestyle patterns.

Great Reason #1: Breadth of Health Topics

Health Edco’s Consequences Displays cover a wide variety of health topics within many of our most popular health education subject areas. Our Consequences Displays cover the dangers of substance abuse, such as drug abuse and alcohol abuse, and the hazards of smoking, smokeless tobacco, and secondhand smoke. They also explain the health effects of many common health diseases and conditions, including obesity and sexually transmitted diseases; uncontrolled diabetes, HIV infection, and high blood pressure; and the negative health effects associated with an inactive lifestyle.

Painted models and easy-to-understand text explain the effects of
uncontrolled HIV infection in our HIV/AIDS Consequences 3-D Display.

Great Reason#2: Expertly Painted and Sculpted Models

Few things in health education can have as powerful an impact as a highly realistic organ model depicting the physical damage caused by uncontrolled health conditions or certain lifestyle habits. Each Health Edco Consequence Display includes eight finely crafted 3-D models expertly sculpted and painted by our talented artists. Each model conveys important health messages. For example, in our Smoking Consequences 3-D Display, the clearly sculpted blebs in a lung model clarify how smoking can lead to the chronic shortness of breath characteristic of emphysema. In addition, a bright red artery model depicts the artery damage that is a typical result of smoking: the buildup of yellowish plaque deposits on artery walls, the hindrance of blood flow, and the formation of a blood clot, which is carefully depicted by textured sculpting.

Our Smoking Consequences 3-D Display explains health effects
of smoking with high-quality painted and sculpted models.

Great Reason #3: Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Understand, Well-Researched Text

At Health Edco, we’re known not only for our up-to-date research but also for our ability to translate complicated health information into a format that’s easy to understand and easy to read. In just a few simple sentences, our Consequences Displays are able to convey how lifestyle factors and health conditions can lead to subsequent health problems. For example, in our Inactive Lifestyle Consequences 3-D Display, the relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and an increased risk for certain cancers becomes clear with a few succinct statements: Being physically active improves immune system function, reduces inflammation, and helps balances hormone levels, all of which contribute to a lower cancer risk. Similarly, our HIV/AIDS Consequences 3-D Display explains how conditions such as invasive cervical cancer are more likely to develop in someone who as an immune system damaged by an HIV infection that is not well controlled.

Easy-to-read text explains the relationship between sedentary behavior
and health consequences in our Inactive Lifestyle Consequences 3-D Display.

Great Reason #4: Portability and Convenience

Among the most popular features of our Consequences Displays are their convenience and portability. Each Consequence Display comes in its own self-contained carrying case complete with a sturdy carrying handle, making it perfect for health education on the go. The displays are easy to set up—simply open the case and place in a prominent area for viewing! The models are all permanently affixed within the display, preventing the possibility that any models could disappear at a health fair or other exhibit. Storage is also compact and convenient. Secure in their self-contained carrying cases, the displays are easy to store when not in use.

Great Reason #5: Versatility

Our Consequences Displays are highly versatile: They can function as a stand-alone educational tool (allowing viewers on their own to read through the text and examine the models), or a facilitator can highlight and discuss each model in the display as they work with individuals and groups to explain the effects of certain conditions and behaviors.

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