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Getting Interactive With
Drug Education Activities

The toll of substance abuse—whether from legal substances, such as tobacco or alcohol, or illegal substances, such as heroin and cocaine—is devastating. Problems associated with substance abuse (ranging from overdose deaths and criminal activity to domestic violence, child abuse, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders) affect all levels of society. In the United States, it is estimated that more than 93,000 people died of a drug overdose last year—a record number of overdose deaths.

Education is key in preventing substance abuse and addiction. Stopping substance abuse before it starts is especially important for young people. Because the brain continues to develop until about age 25, young people are especially vulnerable to drug addiction and long-term associated problems. Fortunately, research shows that drug abuse education and prevention programs can have a big impact on whether young people use drugs.

Health Edco has a full line of educational resources that can help young people and adults steer clear of substance abuse, including tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Among our teaching tools are engaging drug education activities that are perfect for the classroom or youth programs to teach the facts about substance abuse. These activities are a great way to get young people talking and thinking about the ways substance abuse can endanger their health, their futures, and even their lives.

Read on to learn more about several of our popular drug education activities (including the debut of our new Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know™ Activity) that are must-have materials for substance abuse education and prevention.

Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know™ Activity

You asked for it, and we’ve delivered: the new Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know™ Activity!

Our new Drugs and Alcohol Throw & Know Activity features a
fun, colorful ball with 60 questions about substance abuse.

Designed for grade 7 through adult, this activity ball features 60 questions about a variety of substances of abuse, including stimulants, depressants, marijuana / cannabis, opioids, inhalants, alcohol, synthetic drugs, tobacco and e-cigarettes, and more. Great for small or large groups, the ball is ideal to reinforce information learned in lessons dedicated to drug and alcohol abuse or as a conversation-starting activity for alcohol and drugs education. Working individually or as teams, players enjoy learning together as they discover essential facts about drugs and alcohol. The activity ball is available on its own or as a part of our popular Drug and Alcohol Classroom Package.

Wheel of Misfortune™ Game

The Wheel of Misfortune Game is a comprehensive drug education activity that features a spinning wheel with twelve different categories of questions covering a full range of substances of abuse, from opioids and alcohol to steroids, tobacco, methamphetamine, and more. The game includes 120 questions for players in grades 6 through 12 as well as a simpler set of 57 questions for grades 1 through 5.

Our Wheel of Misfortune™ Game is a fun activity
that teaches players about the dangers of drug abuse.

The game can be played in small groups of individual players or as a large group with two teams. Each section of the game is designed to encourage students to use reasoning skills to make real-life decisions about drug use. Special “choice” questions require players to develop value judgments. Players love working together as teams to test their knowledge and think about the consequences of substance abuse.

Drugged and Distorted™ Game

Featuring Drugged and Distorted Goggles that alter vision and perception, one large and one small movement restriction hand, play money, and a detailed activity guide, our popular Drugged and Distorted Game interactively illustrates how drugs can negatively affect a person’s ability to do normal tasks, such as handling money, typing, doing simple math, or other common work tasks.

A customer favorite, our Drugged and Distorted Game leaves
a lasting impression on the effects of substance abuse.

Participants engage in a variety of activities while wearing the goggles and a motion restriction hand, simulating how perception, thinking, concentration, and fine motor skills are distorted by substance abuse. Learn more in this classic clip:

By taking part in the Drugged and Distorted Game, participants discover that using drugs even once can be a bad idea. The experience is fun and memorable, with lessons that can help young people make wise decisions about whether to use drugs and alcohol.

Substance Abuse and Consequences Game

Many young people may believe that abusing substances is just a bit of harmless fun, but our Substance Abuse and Consequences Game gets them thinking about all the negative ways substance abuse can harm themselves, their families, and their friends.

Get young people thinking about the effects of substance
abuse with the Substance Abuse and Consequences Game.

Designed for players in grade 7 through adult, the colorful 22" x 28" game board works with large or small groups and accommodates from 2–8 players or teams. Players answer questions about a full range of common substances of abuse—including opioids, methamphetamine, club drugs, tobacco, and more—while learning about the legal, financial, health, and social consequences of substance abuse. In an entertaining, engaging, and non-threatening way, the game helps young people think about possible situations related to substance abuse and consider decisions ahead of time.

Discover More Drug and Alcohol Education Resources

Our diverse substance abuse education resources include activities, 3-D displays, models, handouts, and more that are well-researched, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand. These materials bring drug education to life in classrooms, health fairs, and any venue looking to raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse. Find more engaging resources in our product sections dedicated to drug education and alcohol education.

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