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Our Updated Effects & Hazards of Marijuana Folding Display!

Teaching about the potential effects and hazards of using drugs such as marijuana has never been easy, especially as attitudes and legal standings of certain substances are ever-changing.

For years, our drug education products have been the resources that educators trust to identify commonly misused and abused drugs and explain their potentially dangerous health consequences.

A new take on a Health Edco classic, we’d like to introduce our updated Effects & Hazards of Marijuana Folding Display. Featuring attention-grabbing graphics and straightforward text, the display is a great way to teach young people and adults that marijuana use carries a variety of potential health and other risks.

Newly updated, our Effects & Hazards of Marijuana Folding Display
is perfect to educate young people and adults.

Topics covered in the updated marijuana folding display include:

  • What is marijuana, including discussion of stronger forms of marijuana, such as marijuana extracts

  • How is marijuana used

  • What happens when you use marijuana

  • Signs of marijuana use

  • Potential health dangers of marijuana use, ranging from changes in brain development, mental health problems, fetal and infant harm, and more

  • Marijuana addiction

  • Other problems associated with marijuana

  • Getting help for a substance abuse problem

The display emphasizes that today’s marijuana is much stronger than the marijuana of the 1960s. It also explains that “synthetic marijuana,” such as “K2,” “spice,” and “herbal incense” are different from marijuana extracts, contain human-made chemicals similar to THC, and can cause overdose deaths.

To learn more about our updated Effects & Hazards of Marijuana Folding Display and to place your order, please visit our Effects & Hazards of Marijuana Folding Display product page.