Kids Nutrition Throw & Know™ Activity Ball

ITEM: 78007


Designed for ages 6 through 11, this inflatable activity ball is a fun way for kids to learn the basics of good nutrition and healthy eating. The colorful, large ball (16" diameter; 24" arc length) features 48 questions covering key nutrients, food groups, nutrition basics, and more. Players simply toss the ball to one another and answer the question closest to their right thumb. Includes activity guide with answer key. Grades 1–6.

The Kids Nutrition Throw & Know Activity Ball is a fun, question-filled, health education ball to help kids learn the basics about nutrition. Learn more here!

Kids in grades 1 through 6 (ages 6 through 11) will love learning the basics and reviewing the essentials about good nutrition and healthy eating with this fun activity ball. The large, inflatable ball is covered with 48 questions, including multiple choice, true false, open-ended, and more.


Using the ball is easy and provides facilitators with the versatility to modify its use to meet the specific needs of different individuals or groups. The ball is designed to be tossed and caught, with the participant who catches the ball either asking the question underneath or closest to their right thumb to the group or answering the question themselves. Includes activity guide with answer key. PVC ball is not made with natural rubber latex. 16" diameter; 24" arc length.

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