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New Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model

From the early days of breast cancer awareness, Health Edco has been at the forefront of creating lifelike breast models to help women become familiar with the normal look and feel of their breasts and detect abnormalities for the early detection of breast cancer.

In 1975, our founder, Dr. Wayman Spence, introduced our first breast self-exam (BSE) model made of a unique polymer with the feel of human tissue. Today, we are the premier provider of health education materials that teach women about their breast health.

Now, as part of our long-standing commitment to women’s health education and breast health, we would like to introduce our NEWDeluxe Breast Self-Exam Model, which features enhanced durability and an ultra-realistic feel.

Our New Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model

Designed for long-term use, our new breast self-exam model is the perfect tool to teach breast self-exam as a part of breast self-awareness. Made of highly durable, lifelike synthetic tissue, the model accurately represents the feel of actual breast tissue. The breast model features palpable lumps that highlight the role of breast self-exam in the early detection of breast cancer. It also features non-palpable lumps, which underscore the importance of mammography.

The New Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model Includes:

  • One breast self-exam model containing palpable and non-palpable lumps

  • One beige slipcover

  • One brown slipcover

  • Bilingual English/Spanish presentation instructions with information about breast self-awareness and directions on how to perform BSE using the vertical or circular pattern

  • Convenient carrying case for breast health education on the go

Ideal for health classes, clinics, women’s health events, and more, our new Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model is a great resource to highlight breast self-awareness for the early detection of breast cancer.