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Introducing Our Updated
HIV/AIDS Flip Chart!

Those of us who are of a certain age remember when AIDS first made headlines, as well the devastating toll the disease took on so many lives.

Because the outlook of HIV and AIDS has changed so dramatically and does not make the same headlines today, many young people—and older adults—may not realize the ongoing need to take precautions against HIV or the threat still posed by HIV and AIDS around the world.

Keeping up with advances in HIV precautions, testing, and treatment, we have updated our popular HIV/AIDS Flip Chart, making it easier to educate any group about HIV transmission, treatment, and precautionary measures.

The 6-panel flip chart’s built-in stand facilitates group instruction. The audience side of each flip chart panel features clear, fresh new artwork that keeps viewers engaged and allows them to follow each important point.

The audience panels of our HIV/AIDS Flip Chart
keep viewers engaged with the information.

The back of each panel includes presentation notes, allowing the presenter to provide a detailed, yet easy-to-understand, overview of HIV and AIDS.

Presentation notes on the back of each panel
of our HIV/AIDS Flip Chart explain each topic.

Topics in the updated HIV/AIDS Flip Chart include:

  • What HIV and AIDS are

  • Testing for HIV, including discussion of HIV antibody tests and newer combination tests that detect HIV antibodies and antigens

  • How a healthy immune system works and how HIV weakens the immune system

  • How early HIV infection can progress to AIDS, which is late-state HIV infection

  • How there is no cure for HIV infection, but, when controlled through medication, HIV infection does not progress to AIDS

  • How HIV is and is not transmitted

  • How to avoid HIV infection, including discussion of condom use, avoiding injection drugs, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), abstinence, and safer-sex practices

To learn more about our updated HIV/AIDS Flip Chart and to place your order, please visit our HIV/AIDS Flip Chart product page.