What You Should Know About Binge Drinking Folding Display

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Binge drinking is a major concern on high school and college campuses. This teen-focused folding display (58" x 22½") explains what binge drinking is and covers the consequences that can affect a young person’s health, safety, and future. Also includes information on alcohol poisoning and its symptoms. A great tool for college clinics and alcohol awareness education.

Educate young people on what binge drinking is and the potential negative consequences of binge drinking. Order our binge drinking folding display today!

Award Winner!

Written for young people, this folding display explains that binge drinking is a potentially deadly activity. Covers what binge drinking is, long-term health consequences of binge drinking, symptoms of alcohol poisoning, potential consequences of combining binge drinking and sexual behavior, binge drinking and driving while intoxicated, and effects on academic performance. Also addresses getting help for an alcohol problem. 58" x 22½" opened.