Alcohol Education Kit

ITEM: 78620


Raise your group’s awareness of the dangers of alcohol misuse and abuse with these four great products:

  • Effects & Hazards of Alcohol Folding Display (Item #79012)
  • Drunk & Dangerous™ Glasses (Item #79190A)
  • Pickled Liver™ Model (Item #79723)
  • 50 Educational Handouts
Raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse with this kit of our popular alcohol education products. Order our dangers of alcohol abuse education kit now!

Give your audience a powerful, thought-provoking presentation about the dangerous effects of alcohol with this kit. Includes four sobering teaching components:

  • Effects & Hazards of Alcohol Folding Display (Item #79012), which describes short- and long-term consequences of alcohol abuse, including organ damage and effects on children
  • Drunk & Dangerous™ Glasses (Item #79190A), which alter vision, perception, and balance to provide a realistic simulation of intoxication
  • Pickled Liver™ Model (Item #79723), a BIOLIKE 2™ liver model that floats ominously in a specimen jar, emphasizing the effects of alcohol-induced cirrhosis
  • 50 Educational Handouts to reinforce information

A great way to present the physical, social, legal, financial, and personal costs of alcohol abuse.