Pickled Liver Model

ITEM: 79723


Inside this sealed plastic specimen jar (4½" x 7½"), a lifelike BIOLIKE 2™ model of a cirrhotic liver floats beside a model of a pickle. The cirrhotic liver and the pickle share the same hobnail, greenish surface, making the serious point that alcohol abuse can lead to cirrhosis, a leading cause of death. Perfect for alcohol abuse prevention programs.

This attention-grabbing alcohol education model features a cirrhotic liver model floating next to a pickle of similar appearance. Visit our site to learn more!

The BIOLIKE 2™ liver model floating ominously in this specimen jar beside a model of a pickle shows the long-term effects of cirrhosis—scar tissue and nodules cover its surface like giant scales. The message is simple: With the liver unable to function normally, death is imminent. Great for raising awareness of one of the many dangerous consequences of alcohol abuse. 4½" x 7½".