Drunk & Dangerous Package (with glasses)

ITEM: 79190


Use this great package to prove to your group how disorienting and dangerous intoxication, including “buzzed driving,” can be and why drinking and driving is a very bad and potentially deadly idea. The specially designed Drunk & Dangerous Glasses re-create the visual distortion, loss of perception, and lack of control that impair drunken drivers. The package includes one pair of Drunk & Dangerous Glasses, a Drunk & Dangerous Remote Control Car (model, color, and appearance of car may vary), a Drunk & Dangerous Beverage Set, and teaching suggestions.

Our Drunk & Dangerous Package features a special pair of glasses that simulate alcohol intoxication and is ideal for health education. Order on our site!

One look through the Drunk & Dangerous Glasses, and your group will be under the influence of an eye-opening experience. The specially designed eyewear re-creates the visual distortion, loss of perception, and lack of control that impair drunken drivers. Although these glasses provide an intense experience, they do not represent a specific blood alcohol concentration. 



  • 1 pair of Drunk & Dangerous Glasses—Specially designed glasses alter vision, perception, and balance to provide a realistic simulation of intoxication. Includes case.

  • Drunk & Dangerous Remote Control Car—Let participants “drive” a car while wearing the glasses. They will quickly learn that left seems like right, and even keeping the car straight is nearly impossible—exactly like trying to drive a real car while intoxicated. Plastic champagne-glass pylons are provided to help set up a road course. Note: Model, color, and appearance of car may vary.

  • Drunk & Dangerous Beverage Set—Reinforce with your group that drinking and driving often ends in catastrophe with these plastic simulated alcohol glasses, each with a smashed car inside.

Package includes teaching suggestions. Drunk & Dangerous Glasses (Item #79190A), Remote Control Car (Item #79922), and Beverage Set (Item #79755) each also available separately.