Drunk & Dangerous Package (with goggles)

ITEM: 79199


Use this great package to prove to your group how disorienting and dangerous intoxication, including “buzzed driving,” can be and why drinking and driving is a very bad and potentially deadly idea. The specially designed goggles re-create the visual distortion, loss of perception, and lack of control that impair drunken drivers. The package includes one pair of D.W.eyes Goggles, a Drunk & Dangerous Remote Control Car (model, color, and appearance of car may vary), a Drunk & Dangerous Beverage Set, and teaching suggestions.

Create an unforgettable drunk-driving lesson! This comprehensive kit includes goggles that induce the visual distortion of alcohol intoxication. Order now!

One look through these goggles, and your group will be under the influence of an eye-opening experience. The specially designed eyewear re-creates the visual distortion, loss of perception, and lack of control that impair drunken drivers. Although these goggles provide an intense experience, they do not represent a specific blood alcohol concentration. 



  • 1 pair of D.W.eyes Goggles—Specially designed goggles alter vision, perception, and balance to provide a realistic simulation of intoxication.

  • Drunk & Dangerous Remote Control Car—Let participants “drive” a car while wearing the glasses. They will quickly learn that left seems like right, and even keeping the car straight is nearly impossible—exactly like trying to drive a real car while intoxicated. Plastic champagne-glass pylons are provided to help set up a road course. Note: Model, color, and appearance of car may vary.

  • Drunk & Dangerous Beverage Set—Reinforce with your group that drinking and driving often ends in catastrophe with these plastic simulated alcohol glasses, each with a smashed car inside.

Package includes teaching suggestions. D.W.eyes Goggles (Item #79197), Remote Control Car (Item #79922), and Beverage Set (Item #79755) each also available separately.