Smoker’s Hand: The Death Grip of Nicotine™ Model

ITEM: 27034


Demanding attention, this haunting, utterly realistic hand model (4" x 9½" x 3") shows viewers how smoking can affect their hands. Made of lifelike BIOLIKE™, the model accurately depicts tobacco-stained fingers and fingernails, age spots, clubbed fingers, and a slightly bent finger (indicative of the early stages of a progressive condition called Dupuytren’s contracture). An informative, two-sided tent card (8½" x 10") explains each condition depicted in the model.

Our Smoker's Hand: The Death Grip of Nicotine Model is a hauntingly lifelike health education model showing how smoking affects the hands. Learn more here!

Unsettling in appearance, this realistic BIOLIKE™ hand model invites viewers to consider how smoking changes the appearance of their hands and ponder the damage they can’t see that smoking causes inside the body. The model accurately depicts several conditions explained in detail by the accompanying, two-sided tent card, including:

  • Tobacco-stained fingers and fingernails
  • Age spots
  • A slightly bent pinky finger (suggesting the initial development of Dupuytren’s contracture, a progressive condition causing one or more fingers to bend inward toward the palm until stuck in a bent position)
  • Clubbed fingers, which typically indicate lung cancer

Ideal for smoking cessation education, health fairs, classrooms, and more. Hand model comes with two cigarette models for display purposes and is approx. 4" x 9½" x 3"; tent card stands 8½" x 10".