Smoked Foot Gangrene Model

ITEM: 27029


Many people don’t realize that smoking affects the entire body—even the feet. This alarming model of a diseased foot graphically depicts the results of peripheral artery disease, resulting in decreased blood supply to the foot and gangrene. Informative, two-sided tent card explains how smoking damages blood flow and leads to tissue damage. A great way to raise awareness of one of smoking’s many harmful consequences.

The Smoked Foot Gangrene Model uses stark realism to show that smoking can lead to gangrene in the feet and amputation. Order this health education model here!

Tobacco use can lead to loss of life—and limb—as this model graphically illustrates. Smoking can cause peripheral artery disease, which impedes blood flow and can lead to tissue death, resulting in gangrene as depicted in this rotting foot. Two-sided tent card explains the connection between smoking, peripheral artery disease, and gangrene. Model measures approximately 3½" x 9½" x 4".