Smoking Education Package

ITEM: 79368


Give your audience an informative and interesting presentation about the mental and physical effects of smoking with this package. Can be presented as one longer session (approx. 8 hours) or several shorter sessions. Includes activities appropriate for secondary and adult audiences.

Create a memorable smoking education and prevention presentation! Our package includes visuals, handouts, a 3-D model, and a detailed teaching guide. Order now!

A dynamic presentation about the effects of smoking is made easy with this comprehensive educational package. Participants are provided with factual information about the mental and physical effects of smoking, as well as opportunities to relate the information to the own lives. 


  • Facilitator’s guide with presentation script, worksheets, activities, quizzes, comprehensive test, and interactive enrichment activities
  • Tobacco Ingredients Display (item #79260)
  • The Effects & Hazards of Smoking Folding Display (item #79079)
  • Harmful Effects of Smoking Chart (item #70935)
  • 50 The ABCs of Smoking Booklets (item #40013)

Includes activities for both secondary and adult audiences.