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The ABCs of Smoking Flip Chart, English

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From asthma to burns, cancer, drug interference, and more, this six-panel, 12" x 17" flip chart presents alphabetical listings of conditions and diseases associated with smoking with full-color, graphic medical photography. Great for smoking cessation programs, health fairs, clinics, classroom presentations, and more. Features presentation notes on the back of each panel.

From A to Z, The ABCS of Smoking Flip Chart explains the many hazards and dangers of smoking. The flip chart is perfect for health education. Learn more here!

Medical photography and detailed text combine to describe dozens of conditions and diseases associated with tobacco use. Takes an alphabetical approach, covering some of the many dangerous and deadly health consequences of smoking, including atherosclerosis, fetal damage, heart disease, and many more. As the negative health consequences keep adding up, the reasons to stop smoking or never to start smoking add up quickly. Great to provide a comprehensive lesson on the dangers of smoking. Features presentation notes on reverse panels. 6 panels. 12" x 17".