Tainted Blood: Smokers' Blood Revealed Display

ITEM: 79864


Inspire smokers and potential smokers to feel they’ve got to run away and get away from smoking with this unique display, which shows how smoking causes damage in the bloodstream. Features a model (3" x 10" x 2½") that looks like a cigarette on the outside but is actually a representation of an artery in which carbon monoxide is keeping oxygen from flowing to the body’s organs and muscles. Also shows plaque buildup caused by smoking and poisons from cigarette smoke traveling through the bloodstream. Two-sided tent card explains the model in detail and gives additional information about the hazards of smoking, including heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and many forms of cancer. Great for any anti-tobacco program.

Use this educational model to show how smoking damages the bloodstream. The model provides an inside look at one of tobacco’s harmful effects. Learn more here!

Designed to look like a cigarette on one side and an artery on the other, this colorful display graphically explains the damage smoking causes in a smoker’s bloodstream. The artery model shows how smoking causes carbon monoxide to “choke” out oxygen in the bloodstream and contains models reflecting the poisons that flow through the bloodstream of a smoker. Plaque buildup caused by smoking is depicted on the sides of the model. Includes a two-sided tent card that explains each of the aspects of the model and provides additional information about the health consequences of smoking. Model is 3" x 10" x 2½".