Cause of Death: Secondhand Smoke Display

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Reveal the dangers of secondhand smoke with this startling display, which features a tumor-infested lung bathed in oozing brown tar. Explanatory labels on the display’s top and bottom reveal that the cause of death for this lung was secondhand smoke. A great way to share the message that secondhand smoke kills.

Reveal the hazards of secondhand smoke to nonsmokers with this tumor-infested lung in a jar. Order today to show your group that secondhand smoke kills!

Best Seller!

Emphysema blebs bulge from its surface. Multiple tumors infest once-healthy tissue. It sits in an oozing brown pool of tar. Certainly this is the lung of a chain smoker, right? Wrong. This surprising “postmortem” lung model shows that secondhand smoke can be an indiscriminate killer, infiltrating and damaging nonsmokers’ lungs just as it does those of a smoker. Display features explanatory top and bottom labels that explain that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. 5" x 7".