A Pack of Toxic Tar Display

ITEM: 79203


Two small, liquid-filled tubes challenge smokers with a big question: Do you really know how much tar you’re putting into your lungs when you light up? These unique cigarette models contain the combined total amount of tar a smoker inhales from just a single pack of cigarettes. Tar may be sticky, but this powerful visual image is stickier—it won’t soon be forgotten.

Shaped like a cigarette pack, this clever tobacco education display reveals how much tar a smoker inhales from just a single pack. Visit our site to learn more!

Many people give little thought to the amount of dangerous tar found in cigarettes. This realistic display contains two removable cigarettes filled with gooey, simulated tar, which represents the amount of toxic tar that a smoker receives from smoking one pack of cigarettes. Realistic cigarette package packs a powerful impression. Pack is 2" x 1" x 3½".