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My SmartBaby™

Coming Soon: Our New
My SmartBaby™ Infant Simulator!

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, but becoming a parent too soon can have serious physical, emotional, social, and financial implications for teen parents and their babies. For these reasons, delaying parenthood until adulthood—when young people are more physically, emotionally, and financially prepared to become parents—is the goal for educators instructing young people in relationships and sex education.

Young people are well known for acting impulsively without considering the consequences of their actions, so how can educators help young people gain a realistic understanding of the constant, ongoing commitment of parenting a newborn?

Introducing Health Edco’s new My SmartBaby, the ultimate infant simulator! The My SmartBaby Infant Simulator provides students with a startlingly realistic simulation of caring for a newborn while giving instructors the convenience and flexibility of managing the entire experience with a mobile app.

My SmartBaby is also the perfect infant simulator to provide students studying child care with training in infant care. Read on to learn more about My SmartBaby, the ideal teaching tool to provide students with hands-on training in infant care and the realities of teen parenting.

A Lifelike Infant Care Experience With Instructors & Students in Mind

With its ease of setup, My SmartBaby offers instructors a convenient way to provide students with a remarkably lifelike simulation of a true infant care experience. Plus, running a My SmartBaby program does not require the purchase of any costly additional software: My SmartBaby connects to a mobile device via Wi-Fi and is managed with a downloadable, easily updatable app (available in IOS/Apple and Android). Instructors can simply download the app to their mobile device (smartphone, iPad, or tablet), where they can manage their students’ simulation experience..

When students are assigned their own My SmartBaby Infant Simulator, they aren’t being handed an actual baby, of course, but they are getting the next best thing: a simulator that accurately reflects the size of an infant (about 6½ lb and 20" long) and a baby’s needs, sounds, and behaviors in a simulation that can run for up to 48 hours. During those 48 hours, the simulator may have up to 200 care events, requiring the student to determine the needs of the baby (such as feeding, diapering, medication, rocking, burping, or a toy). Each care event may last up to 7 minutes. My SmartBaby’s sensors also detect and record when it is mishandled, shaken, or dropped.

After repeated episodes of infant crying and care events, exhausted students may be tempted to pass their My SmartBaby to someone else for care. However, students who are assigned a My SmartBaby must wear a difficult-to-remove sensor bracelet, which allows their My SmartBaby to recognize only them as their parent/care provider. Give My SmartBaby to a student for the weekend, and, by Monday, they will be ready to explain how demanding, exhausting, and time-consuming it is to take care of an infant!

The My SmartBaby app facilitates interaction between instructor and student during the My SmartBaby experience as well as student learning and assessment. While instructors can use the app to manage their My SmartBaby program and provide student feedback, students can use the app to send information to the instructor, take a quiz about infant care, and complete an infant care budget.

What Comes With the My SmartBaby Infant Simulator?

Each My SmartBaby Infant Simulator includes a female infant simulator in brown skin tone with central processing unit, T-shirt, two diapers, feeding bottle, medicine bottle, baby rattle, on/off key, emergency instructor tag, 10 parent sensor bracelets, a parent bracelet blue tag, a universal charger block, USB cable, accessory bag, IOS/Apple and Android quick start guides, and instructor carrying case. The simulator also comes with a contents card that provides access to viewable/downloadable guides and manual, activity guide (with five lessons covering the realities of teen parenthood and infant care essentials: feeding, diapering and bathing, and safety), information sheets, and instructional videos.

Replacement and supplemental versions of accessories are available with the My SmartBaby Accessory Pack, My SmartBaby Consumable Pack, and My SmartBaby Charging Pack.

53000         My SmartBaby Infant Simulator     $1,495.00

The My SmartBaby Infant Simulator is coming soon! Please contact Customer Service for preorders and quantity pricing. My SmartBaby is not available for promotional discounts.

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