The Consequences of Smokeless Tobacco Use 3-D Display

ITEM: 79603


Perfect for class presentations and health fairs, this display highlights some the negative health consequences associated with smokeless tobacco use. Featuring eight permanently affixed models, the display highlights multiple forms of oral cancer, cardiovascular damage, and unpleasant oral conditions and diseases. A great way to spread the message that spit tobacco is not a safe alternative to smoking.

Our smokeless tobacco display for health education uses realistic 3-D models to show the health effects of using dip or chew, such as oral cancer. Order now!

Dispelling the notion that smokeless tobacco use is a safe alternative to smoking, this 3-D display graphically shows that using smokeless tobacco is harmful and potentially deadly. Detailed, handpainted, permanently affixed models illustrate health conditions caused by dipping and chewing, including cancers of the cheek, lip, throat, and tongue. Display is contained within its own durable carrying case. 28" x 27" opened.