Dip n Decay Model Set

ITEM: 79166


Your group will love this interactive model set. Healthy teeth and gums magically seem to develop cavities, gum disease, leukoplakia, and cancers after being submerged in simulated tobacco juice. Includes handpainted, 3-D models, simulated tobacco juice mixture, and a container that looks like a snuff can. An engaging way to show the dangers of smokeless tobacco use.

Use this interactive model set to reveal how healthy teeth and gums become riddled with decay and cancer thanks to smokeless tobacco! Visit our site to order!

The mixture of abrasives, sugars, and carcinogens in smokeless tobacco does unspeakable damage to the teeth and oral tissues. This model set condenses the amount of time it takes for oral damage to occur into an eye-opening display. Diseased teeth are concealed under a set of healthy teeth. Viewers watch as the healthy teeth are submerged into simulated tobacco juice and then emerge with cavities, gum disease, leukoplakia, and cancer. Comes with concentrated tobacco juice mixture. Container is 7" diameter.