Smokeless Tobacco Education Package

ITEM: 79374


Help your group understand that smokeless tobacco use is not a safe alternative to smoking. This engaging, dynamic package features thought-provoking products and a comprehensive facilitator’s guide with step-by-step presentation script and assessment tools to ensure an effective and informative presentation. Perfect to help young people understand the health risk associated with dip and chew.

Educate your group about the dangers of smokeless tobacco with this comprehensive teaching package that includes our popular Mr. Gross Mouth! Learn more here!

A pinch between your cheek and gum is the recipe for addiction, disease, and destruction. Explain the truth about the mental and physical effects of smokeless tobacco with this package. Can be presented as one longer session (approx. 8 hours) or several shorter sessions. Includes activities appropriate for both secondary and adult audiences.


  • Facilitator's guide with presentation script, worksheets, activities, quizzes, comprehensive test, and interactive creative enrichment activities
  • Mr. Gross Mouth™ model (Item #79152)
  • Smokeless Tobacco: Spit It Out folding display (Item #79075)
  • Smokeless Tobacco booklets (50) (Item #40014)