Teeth in Tobacco Juice

ITEM: 79123


The consequences of smokeless tobacco use are crystal clear with this revoltingly revealing display. Constantly awash in a mixture of smokeless tobacco’s abrasive substances, sugars, and carcinogens, a smokeless tobacco user’s oral tissues and teeth clearly pay the price. The results, as shown in this disgustingly juicy display, include oral cancers, diseased gums, rotted teeth, and tooth loss. An attention-grabbing way to reveal the nasty effects of dipping and chewing.

Great to teach the consequences of smokeless tobacco use, this disgusting model features rotten teeth and gums floating in a jar of tobacco juice! Order now!

Sealed in a plastic jar of simulated tobacco juice containing tobacco flakes, this model of damaged and decayed teeth and gums sends a clear message about the effects of smokeless tobacco use. 3½" x 6".