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Smokeless Tobacco Flip Chart

ITEM: 43163


With graphic images and scary facts highlighting the risks, this six-panel, 12" x 17" flip chart is a great resource to help prevent and get help to quit smokeless tobacco use. Covers deadly mouth cancers, severe dental problems, and other harmful potential consequences of smokeless tobacco use. Features presentation notes on the back of each panel.

Featuring Graphic Images Of Oral Cancer & Disease, This Flip Chart Is A Great Educational Resource To Deter The Use Of Smokeless Tobacco (Dip & Chew).

Make young people think twice about using smokeless tobacco, and help inspire people who dip or chew to quit. With graphic images and persuasive information, this flip chart presents the facts about smokeless tobacco use. Covers the ingredients in smokeless tobacco (including carcinogens and other poisons), precancerous conditions (including leukoplakia and erythroplakia), oral cancer, dental damage, and tips to quit smokeless tobacco use. An eye-opening and encouraging resource. Features presentation notes on reverse panels. 6 panels. 12" x 17".