Faux Foods Deluxe Starter Package (57)

ITEM: 79716


As the name indicates, this is our best, most comprehensive faux food package, packed with 57 foods from all the food groups. Fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, dairy products, and oils/fats are all represented. Also includes beverages and desserts. Food cards with nutritional information are included for each food. Also comes with Health Edco Faux Food Tote (item #85412).

Our Faux Foods Deluxe Starter Package features 57 realistic food models for teaching the essentials of good nutrition. Visit our site to learn more and order!

Best Seller!

This expanded package contains 57 realistic food models selected from our individual faux foods collection. Foods included in the Starter Package are: apple (2¾" diameter), apple juice (6 oz), banana (whole without skin), cantaloupe (¼ small melon), green grapes (15 in bowl), navel orange (1 small whole), orange juice (6 oz), pears (2 halves, canned), strawberries (6 whole), watermelon wedge, baby carrots (1 cup), baked potato, broccoli (½ cup), corn (½ cup), corn on the cob, French fries (½ cup), green beans (½ cup), spinach (½ cup), tomato juice (4 oz), bagel (3 oz), corn tortilla (6" diameter), crackers (6 salted), dry cereal (¾ cup), flour tortilla (6" diameter), hamburger bun ( 2 halves), hot dog bun (1 bun), oatmeal (½ cup), popcorn (1 cup), spaghetti noodles (½ cup, cooked) tortilla chips (16 salted), white bread slice, white rice (½ cup), wheat bread slice, American cheese (1 slice), cheddar cheese cubes (3), fat-free milk (8 oz), plain yogurt (1 cup), Swiss cheese slice (1 oz), whole milk (4 oz), chicken breast (3 oz, fried), chicken nuggets (5), hamburger (3 oz, cooked), hot dog (1½ oz, all beef), kidney beans (½ cup), peanut butter (1 tbsp), pork chop (3 oz, cooked), round roast (3 oz, cooked), cheese pizza (1 slice), macaroni and cheese (½ cup), tossed salad (1 cup in bowl), French dressing (1 tbsp), margarine (1 tbsp), mayonnaise (1 tsp), cake doughnut (1 medium), candy bar, chocolate chip cookie (2" diameter), vanilla ice cream (½" cup). Food cards with nutritional information are included for each food. Sorry, no substitutions. For nutrition education on the go, package also comes with Health Edco Faux Tote (item #85412), which can be used to carry or store all the faux food models in the package.