Faux Foods Basic Package (23)

ITEM: 79771


An economical way to start your faux food collection, this package features 23 foods from all the food groups. Fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, dairy products, and oils/fats are all represented. Also includes beverages and desserts. Food cards with nutritional information are included for each food.

Highlight healthy eating with this economical set of 23 food models. Our educational set features foods from all of MyPlate’s food groups. Learn more here!

An excellent teaching tool for any nutrition program, this package includes 23 food models representing all the food groups. Models of a slice of rye bread, brown rice, dry cereal, a flour tortilla, a baked potato, cooked carrots, tossed salad, tomato juice (4 oz), grape/cranberry juice (6 oz), canned peaches, raisins, strawberries, skim milk, plain yogurt, a slice of American cheese, round roast, a ham slice, a fried chicken leg, red beans, a chocolate chip cookie, a slice of cherry pie, butter pats, and mayonnaise are included in this package. Food cards with nutritional information also are included for each food.