Smoker's Roulette Game

ITEM: 79139


Smoking is a high-risk gamble, which is made clear by this fun, educational activity. With satirical artwork that lampoons popular cigarette brands, this spinning roulette wheel (20½" x 28") reveals that the health consequences of smoking include lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, and more. Comes with presentation guide. A great way to raise awareness of the many ways smoking harms the body.

Great for health education, our fun Smoker’s Roulette Game reveals that smoking is a high-risk gamble that causes serious health consequences. Learn more here!

As this fun roulette wheel reveals, smoking is a high-risk activity, causing a multitude of negative health consequences. The question is: Which ones will you get: lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, bronchitis, erectile dysfunction, or something else? Perfect to inspire young people not to start smoking or to encourage smoking cessation. Comes with presentation guide. 20½" x 28".