Pressure Sore Cleansing and Dressing Model

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Caring for pressure ulcers requires special training. Featuring stage I and stage III ischial ulcers, a stage II trochanteric ulcer, and a stage IV sacral ulcer, this affordable training model can be washed, treated with most antiseptics and medicines, and dressed just like an actual patient. 

Depicting Stage I To Stage IV Ulcers, This Pressure Sore Training Model Can Be Washed And Treated Like A Real Patient. Ideal For Healthcare Instruction.

Best Seller!

Designed for student training in caring for pressure sores, this convenient, cost-effective model features:

  • Stage I and stage III ischial ulcers
  • A Stage II trochanteric ulcer
  • A Stage IV sacral ulcer

Model comes with carrying case. 14½" x 9½" x 3½".