Diabetic Foot Model Set

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Uncontrolled diabetes can wreak havoc throughout the body, including the lower extremities. This model set is ideal for use with students and patients to discuss the importance of diabetic foot care. Features two models: a Diabetic Foot Model with ulcers in various stages and a crack under the fold of the toe, and a Severe Diabetic Foot Model with an amputated toe, gangrene, Charcot foot deformity, and severe swelling and redness. Great for showing the importance of managing blood glucose levels.

Perfect For Patient Education, This Set Of Two Foot Models Highlights Typical And Severe Diabetic Foot Problems: Ulcers, Amputated Toe, Gangrene And More.

Best Seller!

Diabetic neuropathy quietly robs people of feeling in their extremities. These two versions of the Diabetic Foot Model cast in durable BIOLIKE 2™ answer the need for realistic models that can be used for student education and patient training. The original model has three ulcers in various stages, as well as a crack under the fold of the toe, which is commonly seen with diabetes. The Severe Diabetic Foot Model depicts an amputated toe, Charcot foot deformity, severe swelling and redness, and gangrene. Each model comes with a carrying case and measures approx. 3½" x 9½" x 4".