Injection Training Hand Model

ITEM: 26240


Use this lifelike hand model to teach injection and blood-draw procedures. Made of realistic, soft BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, this training model has palpable veins as well as lifelike skin, texture, and flexibility, allowing it to provide a highly realistic training experience. Model can be injected with air or water.

This Realistic Hand Model Is Ideal To Teach Injection And Blood-Draw Procedures. Features Lifelike Skin And Palpable Veins. Great For Healthcare Training.

Designed to teach students how to perform injection and blood-draw procedures correctly, this BIOLIKE 2™ model features palpable veins and lifelike, durable skin that can be injected repeatedly in the same place with 22–24-gauge hypodermic needles. When the needle is correctly inserted into the vein, air can be drawn into the syringe. The model can be injected with either air or water. An essential training tool. 4½" x 10".