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Educational Resources for
Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October, breast cancer is cast in the spotlight during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about this serious global health problem and the ways women can play an active role in their breast health.

This year in the United States, it is estimated that more than 276,000 women will receive a new breast cancer diagnosis. And, nearly 13 percent of women in the United States are expected to receive a breast cancer diagnosis at some point during their lives. Fortunately, women can take steps to help protect their breast health and catch cancer in its earliest stages, when it is more likely to be treated successfully.

Here at Health Edco, we recognize that, even though Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes around only once a year, the need for breast health education and awareness is year-round and ongoing. We have a full line of innovative women’s health education products, models, and displays dedicated to breast health education and awareness, including lifelike breast self-exam models, educational guides and displays, and handouts that provide potentially life-saving, take-home information.

Read on to learn more about a few of our select breast health education resources that are perfect to teach year-round breast self-awareness and promote the early detection of breast cancer.

Breast Self-Exam Models

Breast self-exam (BSE) models are a must-have for any breast health education program. Monthly BSE can play an important role in breast self-awareness by helping women become familiar with the normal look and feel of their breasts so that they can report any changes they detect to their healthcare professional. BSE models are also a great way for educators to teach patients and students to perform BSE. Not only are BSE models perfect to use for instructor-led visual demonstrations on the performance of BSE, but they also provide a way for students to take a hands-on approach and practice performing BSE with the models.

Standard BSE Model Kit

Our Standard BSE Model Kit is ideal for one-on-one instruction between a healthcare professional and a patient, but it also makes it easy to demonstrate BSE in front of groups. The kit contains one beige and one brown Standard BSE Model, each with its own slipcover to protect the teaching model from any wear that could occur with heavy use. An included instruction card explains how to perform BSE using the vertical pattern or circular pattern.

Our Standard BSE Model Kit features two breast
models with palpable and non-palpable lumps.

Each BSE model contains multiple lumps—some palpable that can be felt while performing BSE, and some that are non-palpable. Pressing the included penlight to the back of the model allows the non-palpable lumps to be visible, providing a powerful illustration on the importance of mammography.

The kit also includes a handy carrying case and one copy of our informative, 16-page Breast Care Booklet, which highlights the role of BSE, clinical exams, and mammograms for the early detection of breast cancer. Additional copies of this booklet are available, making it a great handout to provide BSE instruction and to raise breast cancer awareness.

Multi-Type BSE Model, English/Spanish

This versatile set of breast models reinforces the importance of BSE, clinical exams, and mammograms for breast health. The display features three breast models, each representing different types of breast tissue. One breast model represents healthy tissue without lumps; one simulates a breast with a benign, fibrocystic condition and includes lumps; and one contains both palpable lumps as well as non-palpable lumps to emphasize the importance of mammography.

Available with brown or beige models, our Multi-Type BSE Model
has informational background art in both English and Spanish.

Comparing the three models demonstrates how it is not possible to determine the exact nature of any lump strictly by touch, highlighting the importance of seeking a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis. Available in beige and brown versions, this great model has both English and Spanish display backgrounds and presentation notes, which include instructions on how to perform BSE.

Group BSE Model

Ideal for group demonstrations, this best-selling, life-size, BSE model features one side with breast and underarm tissue without lumps that can be compared with the other side, which features a breast and underarm tissue containing lumps.

Our Group BSE Model is perfect
for group BSE instruction.

The breast with lumps has one irregularly shaped lump and three round, smooth-edged lumps, highlighting that lumps may vary in size and texture. Two lumps are also present in the lymph nodes of the armpit on the same side, emphasizing the importance of checking the entire breast as well as underarm lymph nodes while performing BSE. Available in both brown and beige versions, the model is mounted on a collapsible easel, facilitating easy setup for demonstrations and enabling students and patients to practice BSE on a standing model.

Breast Health Educational Displays

In addition to Health Edco’s effective, realistic BSE models, we have a variety of women’s health education displays dedicated to teaching women about the importance of breast health.

Breast Care Folding Display

Our four-panel Breast Care Folding Display is a great resource for women’s health clinics, health fairs, healthcare professionals’ offices, and more to provide a thorough overview of the importance of breast self-awareness through BSE, clinical exams, and mammography.

Our Breast Care Folding Display provides an overview
of breast health and breast self-awareness.

The display covers benign breast conditions, such as fibrocystic changes, fibroadenomas, and mastitis, as well as breast cancer and breast cancer risk factors. Color photos and illustrations explain BSE and breast cancer warning signs, while mammography and different diagnostic procedures are also discussed. The colorful Breast Care Folding Display is available in English and Spanish versions.

Feel for Yourself: Breast Lump Display

Our Feel for Yourself: Breast Lump Display takes a unique approach to breast cancer awareness by using realistic models to depict the average size of breast lumps found by women untrained in BSE; by practicing occasional BSE; by practicing regular BSE; by a first mammogram; and by regular, repeat mammograms.

Our Feel for Yourself: Breast Lump Display shows the
important difference BSE and mammography can make.

Viewers of the 3-D display are able to feel and see the size of the various lumps and see the difference regular BSE and routine mammograms can make. The display encourages women to talk to their healthcare professionals about the breast cancer screening schedule that is right for them.

Breast Cancer Awareness Handouts

One of the best ways to reinforce a health message is through handouts or giveaways, which is why Health Edco has breast health awareness handouts that bring home potentially life-saving information about breast cancer and breast self-awareness.

Mini-Breast Models

Although small in size, our Mini-Breast Models offer a memorable way to share the importance of breast self-awareness and reinforce lessons from our larger breast health education models. Available in pink, beige, brown, and translucent blue, each individually boxed Mini-Breast Model simulates one breast lump that can be felt (highlighting the role of BSE and clinical breast exams), and one non-palpable lump (emphasizing the importance of mammography).

Our Concern™ Mini-Breast Models with lumps
make a great breast health education giveaway.

Mini-Breast Shower Cards

Another popular handout options combines our popular Mini-Breast Models with an educational shower card, a card designed to hang on a showerhead with an attached Mini-Breast that provides instruction on the performance of breast self-exam. Available with brown, beige, or pink Mini-Breast Models, each shower card details BSE using the circular pattern.

Available with Mini-Breasts in pink, brown, or beige, our Mini-Breast
Shower Cards explain breast self-exam with the circular pattern.

In addition to Mini-Breast Shower Cards, Health Edco offers other women’s health handouts that provide instruction on and information about breast care and breast cancer awareness.

Learn More

To learn more about your individual risk factors for breast cancer and for the breast cancer screening schedule that is right for you, contact your healthcare professional.

To discover our full line of women’s health women’ health education products and models, please visit our Women’s Health Section.

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