Feel for Yourself: Breast Lump Display

ITEM: 26803


Emphasizing the importance of breast self-awareness through breast self-exam (BSE), clinical exams, and mammography, this display (11" x 8½") uses lifelike lumps to show the average size of breast lumps that are first discovered by untrained BSE, by occasional BSE, by regular BSE, by a first mammogram, and by regular mammography. Interactive lumps can be picked up and felt. Great for women’s health fairs, clinics, and breast cancer awareness events.

Raise Breast Cancer Awareness With This Attention-Getting Display That Uses Multiple Lumps To Promote Breast Self-Exam (BSE), Clinical Exams & Mammography.

Raise audience awareness about the importance of BSE and mammography in the early detection of breast abnormalities. This display uses palpable, lifelike lump models to shows the average size at which lumps are found by women not trained at BSE, by those who occasionally practice BSE, by those who regularly practice BSE, by a first mammogram, and by regular mammograms. 11" x 8½".