Meth Mouth: An Inside Look Display

ITEM: 79758


Graphically reveal the serious oral consequences of meth use, such as severely decayed teeth, inflamed gums, and more. Also features lifelike tongue model with ulcer and informative text that explains how meth harms the mouth and body. Perfect for schools and law enforcement agencies to educate the public about some of the devastating damage caused by methamphetamine use.

Our educational Meth Mouth dental health model reveals the frightening oral consequences of meth use, such as broken and rotten teeth. Order Meth Mouth today!

Graphically depicting the grisly effects of methamphetamine on the mouth, this giant mouth display is ideal for schools, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations looking to give teens and young adults compelling reasons to stay away from meth. The 3-D, handpainted mouth model shows the oral consequences of meth use, such as missing teeth, severely decayed teeth, broken teeth, receding gums, and more. Also includes a tongue model with an ulcer. Informative text explains how meth harms both the mouth and body and drives home the message that meth is a dangerous drug. 10" x 10½" x 16½".